Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Just Adore My Book Club!

Every other month we meet for our book club at one of our homes. And everyone's home is beautifully decorated. I'm always inspired...

This is my Book Club. These are really fantastic women who all have something to offer the group.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan ... our chosen selection

These were actual shoes that Rhonda (the host) had at her home. Those chinese shoes belonged to Rhonda's great grandmother. Her mom thinks that a visiting missionary brought them to her years and years ago. They were only about 4" long. Unbelievable!!!

The table was set with beautiful china.

This is what these girls do every time we meet. The night's theme is always set to the theme of the book ... clever, huh!

Rhonda, our host tonight. I hope people don't expect us all to play piano when we host!!!

We had a wonderful night. Always great conversation! Thanks Rhonda.


SDR said...

You have the fanciest book club ever!

Deanna Jones said...

Rhonda Rocks...I wish i lived near you guys and could also be girlfriends with YALL....

Lisa & David said...

Yeah, these girls rock. They are so cool! Come see us in Denver next time you have a gig near by!