Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Coming To L.A. area ...

Leaving today for Los Angeles. Bringing Brandon who will do E-school with his laptop and Tigist who will probably distract him from doing school.

I'm staying with my friend in Huntington Beach, Shere', who adopted a beautiful baby girl from Vietnam. Her son does school on the internet as well, so that'll work out great. We'll probably hop around from place to place, but I really want to see my friend of 35 years who is trying to get better right now in the hosptital. She's been fighting pancreatic cancer now for over 10 years and it's really giving her a hard time right now ... she'll hate it that I'm coming, but I just want to see her and have her meet my new daughter too. Sorry Debbie ... I'm coming anyway. Can't stop me now!

I haven't told anybody I'm coming yet, but I'll have time at the airport and when I arrive.

Bye for now... will post pics and I can't wait for Tigist's family to meet her.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Caren comes to meet Tigist!

My friend from choir who moved to Texas before Tigist came home, was dying to meet Tigist. It was really great to catch up with her ...

Her hair is getting longer and I can do a little more with it. It's fun to decide what to do with her hair each day ...

Evan turns 12!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y . . . E V A N!

Evan celebrated his 12th birthday by becoming the owner of an electric motorcyle. He is so excited. He paid half and we paid th eother half. He had a friend, Brandon, with him to go to the movies and then have a celebration back home until 10:30pm.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Mom's watching her weight and I have to go and purchase this amazing cake and I didn't have a bite. How hard was that? Haaaaaaard!!

Brandon O. and Evan

I must love him very much to have to go out and buy this and not getting to have any. But hey, this was NOT about me, right?

A little Rock Band gig...

Tiggy has fun all day long with Evan's spongebob balloons. She calls him "jumjob"

She loooOOves balloons!

Rock Band jam

Evan's new birthday gift. An electric bike.

Random Pictures and Stuff

Just a few pictures that I've not posted over the past few months.....

Evan thought his face looked funny hanging upside down.

Aman (Tigist's boyfriend) and his Dad Mesfin sharing pictures.

This is our friend's (Genet) Mother ... we call her Amaye (Mother in Amharic). We don't share any language, but we've shared laughs, smiles and food!

There was something about seeing Tigist on her lap that takes me back to Addis Ababa and what it would feel like to have Tigist on her real Grandma's lap... I just love this lady.

Exchanging conversation ...

Aman loves to kiss and hug Tigist

kisses and hugs

Momo time

Although Brandon is only 13, David let him drive a mile up and back. David and he went on this men's retreat (Brandon served and worked in the kitchen) and David saw this stretch of dirt road amoungst this forest area and had this bright idea of letting him take the wheel ... alone!?

A day to remember ...

This is our food court in the mall that we frequent near our home ... Park Meadows

David's Men's Retreat 2008

A park near our home

Tigi (she calls herself this ... pronounced TeeGee) holding hands with 2 of her most favorite people.

I just love seeing them together like this!