Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Pictures and Stuff

Just a few pictures that I've not posted over the past few months.....

Evan thought his face looked funny hanging upside down.

Aman (Tigist's boyfriend) and his Dad Mesfin sharing pictures.

This is our friend's (Genet) Mother ... we call her Amaye (Mother in Amharic). We don't share any language, but we've shared laughs, smiles and food!

There was something about seeing Tigist on her lap that takes me back to Addis Ababa and what it would feel like to have Tigist on her real Grandma's lap... I just love this lady.

Exchanging conversation ...

Aman loves to kiss and hug Tigist

kisses and hugs

Momo time

Although Brandon is only 13, David let him drive a mile up and back. David and he went on this men's retreat (Brandon served and worked in the kitchen) and David saw this stretch of dirt road amoungst this forest area and had this bright idea of letting him take the wheel ... alone!?

A day to remember ...

This is our food court in the mall that we frequent near our home ... Park Meadows

David's Men's Retreat 2008

A park near our home

Tigi (she calls herself this ... pronounced TeeGee) holding hands with 2 of her most favorite people.

I just love seeing them together like this!

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