Saturday, February 14, 2009

Caren comes to meet Tigist!

My friend from choir who moved to Texas before Tigist came home, was dying to meet Tigist. It was really great to catch up with her ...

Her hair is getting longer and I can do a little more with it. It's fun to decide what to do with her hair each day ...


Amber said...

I love it when friends visit!

Ryan Hale said...

Hi David & Lisa -

My wife Gina and I met you at C.B. & Potts a couple of weeks ago. I just got back to St. Louis and we were talking about you this morning and started checking out your blog. Great stuff and keep it up!

As you might remember, we're in the process now to adopt from Ethiopia ourselves. Can't wait for that, but with the move to Denver, we have some things to get accomplished to be ready to go.

Thought you might be interested in our story with Ellie on an older version of my blog. I noticed that there are some broken links, but you'll get the idea. If you like, you can also check out the video that we created.

Gina also has a blog where she writes pretty frequently:

We're getting ready to move to Denver in a few weeks. We'd really like to get together with you when we get to town!

Ryan, Gina, Hannah, & Ellie

Stephanie and Gary said...

Hi Lisa -- It was so enjoyable to catch up on your blog. What a beautiful little lady Tigist has become. It was so heartwarming to read your Holiday 2008 letter as well. I feel terrible, that I never contacted you yet, and still have something for Tigist that I wanted to send you. I really have to get my act together! Would an evening this week work?
Steph in Brooklyn, NY

Lisa and David said...

Hi Stehpanie,
Don't even worry about stuff like that. I have found I am so busy now with another child, I forget so much stuff and get so caught up in just catching up I forget what I did yesterday. You can call me anytime this week, Tigist goes down at 8pm Denver time, so anytime after that would be good. So glad you are keeping up with what we are doing. Now I'm off to see where you guys are in the process.

Did I tell you I spent 4 weeks in Brooklyn 2 yrs. ago? My friend Sheryl Martinelli lives in an apt. on Shore Rd. I love NY!!

Amber said...

Just checking in...How is everyone doing?

Lisa and David said...

Hi Amber,
We're all fine. I'm just so crazy busy since Tigist came. Everything is fine, she just needs most of my attention and everything else gets put on the back burner ... and unfortunately the blog is one of them. I've been sneaking peeks at your blog and I'm just so giddy for you and your new little girl. We'll talk real soon on the phone. I'm so very happy for you and your family...hugs, Lisa