Saturday, May 31, 2008

California Trip Day 2 & 3 - Friday & Saturday

We arrived in Oceanside, San Diego and find that our hotel is located right across the street from the ocean with everything in walking distance. The boys went straight to the pool, then to the ocean in their jeans and came back with soaking wet jeans. Boys!!

David and the boys in front of our hotel...

David and I checked into the room and found my Aunt Kathy whom we haven’t seen in ages. She was staying at the same hotel as us and it was so good to see family. We chatted over a bottle of beer and port! This is my Dad’s only sister. Since we have absolutely no family in Denver (except our new friends whom we call family . . . . cause they’re just so good to us) it's refreshing to be with family.

Uh-huh! Again . . . with the In-N-Out!

Here is In-N-Out #2. Oh Yeah!

Me and Brandon in front of my sister's Oceanside home. That's my sister and her husband Greg in the background.

My Aunt Dottie, Kelly and me in red

Brandon ... Oceanside Beach

Brandon and some surfer dude

Oceanside Beach

David, my nephew and Ben having "Man-Chat"

This is my Aunt Kathy on the left and her long time and very good friend who she’s kept in touch with for many decades. How cool is that.

And…here are MY 3 friends that I’ve kept in touch with whom I’ve known for decades as well. We’re just missing Shelly from Costa Mesa.

My Uncle Denny and cousins Sharon and Kristi...aren't they gorgeous!

These are some pictures of the cousins...

Greg taking pictures for EVERYONE . . . check out how many cameras he is balancing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

California Trip Day 1 - Thursday

Southern California Tour of as many In-N-Outs as we possibly can.

This is In-N-Out stop #1

We made great timing today today. We are staying in St. George Utah ....... and guess what we found...........

This In-N-Out just opened a month ago and David sniffed it out as we drove by. We didn't know there was an In-N-Out in Utah and you should have heard the screams in the car seeing that logo on the side of the freeway. We knew then . . . where we'd be for dinner!!

ahhhh . . . the shakes!

I swear they savored every bite...

This was Evan's last's been 2 years since he's had In-N-Out!

And then . . . it was all over. We bid farewell to Mr. In-N-Out guy!

Then we went to Barnes and Noble or rather Star Wars Land. Brandon happened (as usual) to be looking at 3 huge Star Wars books and all of a sudden he heard this VERY heavy breathing behind him and these 2 huge was so funny being he's a big Star Wars fan.

This was actually a couple of days before we left, but I had to post this picture of a long time friend of ours...Tony from L.A. He came to Denver to complete a project with David and to see our new homelife. He's helped us move 3 houses over the last 20 years and has been an amazing single Dad for so long. He is the inspiration for our own family and individual creed that the boys have memorized. Everyone should have a "Tony" in their lives. I'm glad WE do!

Tony in David's office

Sadie sometimes stops . . . to smell the flowers!

Well...we're done for the day. Tomorrow we hit Oceanside for 2 nights and touch our little toesies in the Pacific ocean.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We're Driving To California

We are packed and the car is stuffed with what we need for a 15 hour drive to So. Cal at 4:30am. The 4 of us will drive down, then David will fly back to get back to work (or that is what he says he is doing while we are gone for a total of 3 weeks). I believe he has a lot of work he will be "working" on his motorcycle riding, he'll be "working" on his Aussie Footy, he'll be "working" on his blockbuster movie list...oh life is good. Our house sitter will be here taking care of the cat and my plants, so that's a relief to have someone here

My sweet & precious 93 year old Grammy passed away recently so this is the reason for our So Cal visit. This is where most of my family is and where I was born. My Aunt has decided to do a memorial "celebration" at my sister's house in San Diego (more specifically Oceanside) and I know I will be seeing family members that I haven't seen in a long time and some perhaps that I've never seen. I am really looking forward to it and plan on taking many pictures.

My Grammy is on the far left. Aren't those dresses fantastic? She was a feisty woman and knew what she wanted. I loved spending Summers with her and rustling thru her desks to find interesting things that she would tell me about. And I couldn't wait to get to her overflow of bottles that I would walk with down to the liquor store to buy a candy bar with the deposit money. Can you even do that anymore? Each one was a whopping 5cents and I would take a dozen of them in the wagon and get CANDY!!!! I'm actually very excited to see family and talk about our Grammy!

So when David leaves back home to "work"... (just kidding David. I know you will work hard, then play hard. Have fun with weeks without any of us there) it'll be the 3 of us running around our old stomping grounds, eating In-N-Out Burgers (I think we'll be having this for breakfast, lunch and dinner... still can't believe we have no In-N-Out here in Denver...why not????) Wabi Sabi Chinese, Pinks Hot Dog stand and my favorite Indian Restaurant "Tamarind" in Chino Hills. The boys and I plan on seeing family and friends and beaches and visit the spot where I met their Dad and go on the Merry Go Round on Santa Monica Pier and dip our toes in as many beaches as we can ... first Oceanside, then Santa Monica Beach, then Venice Beach and then Huntington Beach where I will meet up with my friend Shere' who just brought her infant home from Vietnam after waiting for 2 looooOOOng years!

We will do all of the fun things that I usually do when I'm in L.A. and see my friend Monica give birth to her 2nd baby ... so many things. And the icing on the cake is our sweet "new" friends who live here, Mesfin and kids (Ethiopian family that go to our Ethiopian church) are going to be there while we're there too. It's their first time to California and so I just extended our time there a tad so that the things that we were going to do anyway, we will now do with them. I know L.A. and Hollywood like the back of my hand and so we're as excited as they are to have each other to have some fun with!

Monday, May 26, 2008

How To Have A Bad Day ..... In The Hamptons!?

How to have a bad the Hamptons! Can you imagine? You plan for months, even dream of it for years, only to find that all it takes is your ungrateful child to be miserable in one of the best places in the world. A couple of years ago, I shared with my husband that one of the things on my list of things I wanted to do. I've waited a very long time to "do" New York. So my husband took care of our (then) 11 year old while I took my (then) 9 year old to accomplish one of my "to do's" on my list of things I should do before I reach 50. One of which is to visit the Hamptons. So while visiting my friend Darla (author of the best seller book Happy Housewives) on Long Island, she kindly packs us up to head for an East Hampton beach for a few days. All the way there the kids were asking when are we going to get there, how much longer, it's hot, I want to go home in the pool... And when we arrive, unpack and enter this beach house that Darla's friend so sweetly offered us, they said they were bored. Shopping in the cutest shops near the house, all they wanted was what THEY wanted. It was all about them....nothing's changed from the West coast to the East coast. It was all about my child back home, and it's all about my child on Mommy's best vacation in a long time.

My child is well aware that I did not bring the actual Champ Ladder! He realizes that consequences are sure to be forgotten because Mommy didn't bring the fridge to adhere the chart to!! What a difference his behavior is (or lack thereof) when he knows that perhaps there are no consequences to adhere to if there is no way to monitor his discipline. Similarly, however, there is also no Reward Chart either, so he may not be getting as many rewards or privileges since in his mind I'm not keeping 'bout them apples?

Well, had Darla and I been alone, perhaps we would have made these amazing adult plans. But with the kids tugging at us, all we were in The Hamptons were a couple of nagging Moms, cutely dressed I might add, with kids in tow. We drove back to Darlas after only being there for 3 hours, where the first thing the kids did was jump in the pool and thanked God they were home where life is good with air condition, food, and a beautiful pool for them to "fight" in for hours. was good in the Hamptons!! It really was, because if you've gone through infertility like I did for 3 years, you can't forget what you prayed for to get these children. I'd rather be in the Hamptons with a whiny child, than anywhere in the world with none. And that's the truth!

Our Tribute Wall to Africa 2003

In our hallway we have a tribute wall from our trip to Botswana. A trip of a life time to be ranked on top with our forthcoming trip to Ethiopia probably sometime in July.

Wall of only some of the 450 pictures I took while there.

Things we bought there so that we can have them in our home to remember and NOT forget what we felt there.

I could have taken all of these kids home with us ... if only there was no paperwork involved. Aren't they adorable. This is one of my favorite pictures....ever!

I can't wait to go back and cannot believe we will be there probably within 60 days to pick up our little "T".

I still wait....but now, not quite so patiently!

Friday, May 23, 2008

This 'N That

Still no court date....

We're at the 5 week mark and it could be up to 8 weeks. But people have been getting court dates around the 5 week mark. But so far, no court date.

Brandon keeping me company while I make dinner.

This was taken on a Monday.....then,

...this was the next day!

Our cat Sadie had her 2nd birthday. It's interesting that we adopted this cat, her birthday is May 13th, but before we knew that we named her my Mom's nickname, which is Sadie. Then we found out her birthday is the same as my Moms......eerie, heh? So we celebrate the 2 Sadie's birthdays at the same time and I don't even want to remember which day my Mom passed away because I don't want to be sad. I want to celebrate her life with her birthday. So that's what we did. Happy Birthday Mom! I miss you everyday. I wish you could know your last grandchild "T".

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Great Day To Ride My Bike

Yesterday was such a great day. This whole week averages 82 degrees. On Mondays, David makes dinner (yesssssss!) so I had a half hour to kill to throw Evan on the back, ride to a friends house, stop by King Sooper Market for Evan to run in to get a free cookie, ride around the neighborhood and look for gardening ideas and still get home in time for a glass of wine!

I look forward to heading thru the Rockies for a day ride with David before we sell MY bike. Funny how adoption costs can just keep on coming. One bike for the both of us is fine for now. My friend Libby said we could borrow hers should we want to ride together, so that was really nice.

My Mother's Day Was Fantastic!

A neighbor up the street told us about this really fantastic restaurant called "Jing" that we went to on Sunday for Mother's Day. One side is the restaurant which you see here and the other side is more black decorated, but very cool and is a bar and night club with live music.

The whole ceiling was draped in this beautiful white linen beaded all around the ends. So cleverly decorated, great ambiance and the food was really fantastic.

My handsome boys.........ohhhhhh I just love these boys.

When we returned home, the boys rubbed my feet with lotion (one of my most favorite things to have done!!!) I waited for my friend Terri to show up so we could continue our weekend scrapbooking in my basement. I had set up 2 6' tables and we had wine, coffee, David served us dessert and tended to our every need. I really enjoyed this time at home, still having my family around, but also with my good friend.

Kisses all around....

Sitting out in the back yard was so gorgeous. The day was perfect and my lawn is so nice and green, the grass cut, pillows on my outdoor chairs and a new back yard 11' umbrella under the all makes me so very happy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh Boy! I Got 4 More Pictures...

Wow! A very thoughtful traveling family just returned from Addis and visited the orphanage where "T" is and we have 4 more pictures. Now I have more to STARE at for the next 5 weeks until another family travels and gives us MORE. We adoptive folks LIVE offa that stuff. She even cracked a little bitty smile in one of them and is waving to "US" ... I have more story to tell, but my agency is pretty strict about the fact that she is "legally" not ours yet, so I will write more at another time.

She is so beautiful to us...her hair is a little bit longer, although still very very short. She is shy by nature and she has a very VERY sweet demeanor to's really touching. Her smile and face is incredibly sweet - - that's all I have to say about that!

We are still waiting for our court date to be told to us....any day now!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Time for a guest blog from T's Daddy!

First let me say a big Happy Mother's Day to my love of over 20 years...Lisa. Her men took care of her today, from taking her out to lunch at a new restaurant called Jing, to the boys actually massaging her feet with lotion on a lounge chair in the back yard. What a beautiful day we had.

I am not as eloquent as my wife so I will make this post short and sweet.

I can't wait to have this little girl in my arms and am humbled and amazed that we are able to give her a home, a future and all the love that can come from a family completely committed to her. I also want to thank all of you who have been a listening ear to Lisa and a valuable resource for Lisa to learn from those of you who have gone before us in the long process of adoption.

I know that there are many Mums/Moms out there reading Lisa's blog and I want to thank you for all the effort you have ever put into raising your kids. You may get little recognition for all the work that you do, but always remember that your time line is LONNGGGG. It may be decades before you realize the effect of your love and patience...and how many lives it has changed. I am constantly reminded that the comparative ease in which we have learned how to parent comes in large part to the way we were raised. Thanks to Mum back in Australia and Lisa's Mom who went home to be with the Lord a few years ago. We owe a great deal of gratitude to you.

Happy Mother's Day Lisa...your last one with only 2 kids ;) Get ready!!

All my love, David

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Her Room is Coming Together.....SooOO Cute!

As I continue to W A I T . . . for our court date, I get my ya ya's out by good finds for "T"s room. You've got to see what I found at a yard sale this morning on my way back from taking Brandon to school...

This is really heavy, very well made.

In her room, on one wall, I wanted to create a montage of really great things ... like this flower picture. It is so cute and I think I'll paint it to match whatever else I put on that wall...this was $15. The montage wall will have framed pics of where she came from, of her and her nanny who is taking care of her right now and the very first picture we got of her. Kinda like a fun "tribute" wall with some girly stuff in it. I know she's only 2 1/2 , but I also have some other really fun things in there for her. When I get it a bit more together...I'll show you what it looks like.

This pink and blue antique stroller is from the 1940's and was $10. The lady selling it said it was really hard for her to let it go as she was a doll collector and just needed to "pair" down. I could tell it meant a lot to her.... and I just thought that I had to tell her where this stroller was going and thought it might make her happy to know it is going to a very special little girl. I got her attention and told her that she should know that this will go into the room of my 2 1/2 yr. old daughter who is coming here in July from Ethiopia...her face lit up and she hugged me. She said, "Oh, God bless you". She got teary eyed before she forced herself walk away. I think she was trying to keep from tearing up at 7:30 in the morning with lots of other people in her driveway.

The next thing in the picture was $4 and is so cute for her dresser. The little rocking chair was $1....

This birdcage was $4. I thought it would be cute for her to put dolls in

And this painted wagon was $3....can you believe it?

This stool was $2. Maybe You can't really tell from the picture, but it is really petite and just perfect for a little girl's room. I'll paint the flower picture frame this blue color and paint her name on the top of this stool with some painted flowers. Ohhh...this is going to be so much fun!

This was $2 and it may or may not go in her room. I have to see how much room I have left. If you could imagine the wall I'm talking about...I was thinking of sort of "framing" everything on the wall by draped curtains. May be hard to imagine, but in my mind it is a focal point of the room...besides HER of course.

Each of my kids have the coolest rooms....they're so lucky! I just remember sharing a VERY small room with my sister. We had bunk beds and one tiny little small closet...I cannot believe we shared that room for so long and got along enough to survive. Our house we grew up in is only 1100 sq. ft I believe. She went to bed early, I went to bed late. She'd be so angry at me cause I'd talk all night and then she'd be up early in the morning juuuUUUst chipper as can be (hah! Kelly....I know you're've gotta be compelled to comment at least ONCE on this blog...c'mon, you can do it). We'd talk all night about boys, clothes, Gabriel Guerra and how he liked her but I wanted him to like ME. We fought, we laughed, we shared wishes for Christmas gifts and many things I cannot blog about. I'm very glad we shared that teeeny tiny little room together cause she was out of the house at 16 and I was 14. I would have missed out on a lot. It's okay that our "T" is not coming with a sister....she has ME....and boy can I talk!!

Nighty Nite All!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How To Pay For Adoption! Or Not!

How to pay for adoption..........Read here for some excellent information!

This blog I was looking at when you click above, had a post where the husband who is versed in the area of adoption and tax credits, etc... has written a fantastic post about how to actually adopt for free. You may have to "front" costs now, but you get your tax "credit" the next year. Worth reading.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Learn Amharic

The below was copied from another blog listed below, which is a really informative ET travel blog. I hope if they find it here, they don't mind that I've used it because it is really good. This post is only about learning if you're not interested, just move on to the next post!


Below is written by another author at...........

Amharic has different letters. So, the words are written phonetically here. If you see Amharic words written differently with Roman letters, it’s just however the speaker sounds out the words. So, I wrote the word only phonetically. It probably will not match with how you will see it written other places. Example: I wrote “Eh-MY-ay” for mother. However, if you see it written down in other places, it will probably be written emaye.

All R sounds should be rolled. There are also other sounds that are not the same as in English. For instance, tenkahra or terths. The T sound is made by putting your tongue between your top and bottom front teeth and saying “T”. Don’t put the tongue behind your top teeth and say T like we do in English. (And make sure you still roll the R!) The K in Katell or Kai is a very hard K. It starts way back in your throat and sort of sound like you’re trying to get a hairball out. The best thing is to get someone to demonstrate the sound for you.

I tried to write phonetically, but I may have missed a few words. In general,

  • AH is pronounced like AH
  • A is short a.
  • AY is long a.
  • EE is long e.
  • E (or EH) is short e
  • I is long I
  • IH is short i.
  • O (or OH) is long o.
  • OU is like in ouch.
  • U (or OO) is ooo.
  • G is a hard G.
  • EW is eh followed by the consonant W sound (not oo).
  • R is rolled R (like in Spanish)
  • ñ is the Spanish N or like the French gn sound or ny (consonant Y) in English
  • OE is kind of like the U sound in PUT (or the oo sound in HOOF if you pronounce it the Wisconsin way).
  • SS just to emphasize the soft S sound. (Just because otherwise I might’ve read it with the hard S sound).
  • Y as a vowel by itself will be the long I sound otherwise it is the consonant Y
  • If a word ends with EHU (like Ewedehalehu), slur the eh and oo sounds together. They are not distinct syllables.
  • There are different words/word endings sometimes depending if you are talking to a male, female, plural or formal (important person).I also found some vocabulary at the AAI website. I didn’t retype those words here.Get ready to Learn Amharic (my ferengi version of Amharic, anyway). If there are other words and/or phrases you’d like to add to my mini Amharic-English Dictionary/Phrase Page, add your request to the comments section. You can be anonymous if you wish.The right-hand column may have M, F or Pl listed. This indicates the version you should use based on who you are speaking to (not yourself).Words in blue were added most recently.Also, if you go to this entry, there is a file of words that are typically used in the photo albums sent to the children (mom, dad, brother, sister, dog, house, etc.). The downloadable/printable file has the words in English and Amharic. The Amharic is written phonetically with Roman letters and with Amharic letters so the non-English speaking staff at your child’s Ethiopian care center/orphanage will be able to talk to your child about the photos).



THE ESSENTIALS (in my opinion)

Ah-woh (or OW!) Also, you can do a little intake of breath while you lift your eyebrows to “nod” yes. Yes
I-deh-LEHM (starts with long I sound) Also can say Iyyyy. No
Shin-TEH-BAYT? toilet?
Chigger yeh-LEM No problem.
GO behz Clever (or “Good Job!) Often said to a child who does something to please you or succeeds.
Seh-LAHM Hello (Peace) - standard greeting
chou (like ouch) Bye (just like in Italian)
AH-mah-say-guh-NAH-loh Thank you.
WOO hah Water


Seh-LAHM Hello (Peace) - standard greeting
Seh-LAHM neh way? Are you in peace? (a greeting)


Seh-LAHM nesh way? Are you in peace? (a greeting)


in-DEM-min ah-DEHRK? How did you spend the night? (greeting)


in-DEM-min ah-DERSH? How did you spend the night? (greeting)


in-DEM-min walsh? How was the day?


in-DEM-min wahlk? How was the day?


in-DEM-min neh? How are you?


in-DEM-min nehsh? How are you?


in-DEM-min NAH-choo? How are you? This is used for plural casual OR plural formal.


in-DEM-min NOHT How are you? This is formal singular.
Deh-na-NEHSH? Are you fine? (greeting)


Deh-na-NEH? Are you fine? (greeting)


Deh-na-NAH-choo? Are you fine? (greeting)


Deh-na-ñAY I’m fine.
DEH-na Fine
If someone asks you How are you? (A sentence that starts with in-DEM-min) then answer Dehna. If they ask you Are you fine? (sentence starts with Dehna) then answer Dehna-ñay. Formal should be used with old people (grandparent age), people in any job that requires a college degree, politicians, priests, ferengi, etc. However, the “formal people” may tell you to go ahead and use casual with them.
chou (like ouch) Bye (just like in Italian)
NOHR-ee You arrived! It is a greeting said when you enter a room.


NOHR You arrived!


Bugs ear. Response to someone saying Noor. “By God” This is actually a contraction/slur of Exabier.
SIH may ___ My name is ___
SIH meh mah no? What is your name?


SIH mesh mahn no? What is your name?


Hah geh REH-heh yeht NO? Where do you come from?


Hah-geh REHSH yet no? Where do you come from?


In KWAHN deh-na meh TASH Welcome


In KWAHN deh-na meh TAH Welcome


Yah-YAY-roo hoo-NAY-tah in-DEHT-nehwoo? How is the weather?
AH-mah-say-guh-NAH-loh Thank you.
ih BAH kesh Please (to a female)
ih BAH keh Please (to a male)
AHZ nah lehu Sorry
YAH suh deh GEH Blessing said for a child that sneezes. (or just a general blessing)


YAH suh deh GEHSH Blessing said for a child that sneezes.


Yeh mah REH Blessing for an adult that sneezes


Yeh mah RESH Blessing for an adult that sneezes


AH-bit Said after someone calls your name. Kinda like “yes?” or “What?” or (in my house) “Hunh?”


Bahl OR bah-lay Husband
Meest Wife
Wehn-DIHM Brother
uh-HEHT Sister
GAH-shay uncle (or a term for man whose name you don’t know)
Feh-REHN-jee Non-black Foreigner
tih-KOOR Black (used for a black foreigner)
AH-beh-shah Ethiopian (and maybe or maybe not the Eritreans)
AHN chee Hey You (don’t be surpised if you hear this yelled at you)


AHN teh Hey You!


AH kist aunt
ah GOHT uncle
Shih- MAH-geh-LAY Old man
Ah-roh-GEET (hard G) Old woman
YEH nay LEEJ my child
YEH nay WEHN deh LEEJ my son
YEH nay SEHT LEEJ my daughter
hih TSAHN LEEJ baby
lee JOHCH children
IN-nay Me
eh reh deht helper
Mah-no yeh-nay eh-reh-deht? Who is my helper?


BAYT home
mehn yah TAH bayt bedroom
shihn teh bayt bathroom
KOO shihn uh kitchen
SAH lohn dining room
SAH lohn living room
yeh-MAHK-ee-nah BAYT garage (but if you say garage to an English speaker in ET, they will likely think you are referring to a auto repair place)
yeh-MAHK-ee-nah MUHN-gehd driveway
basement basement
tihn-nihsh meh-NAH-feh-SHAH backyard/grassy area (small park)
postah sah-TEHN mailbox
teh MEHR teh BAYT school
yeh-meh-GIHB mahg-JEE-yah-BOH-tah food store
yeh-lihbs mahg-JEE-yah-BOH-tah clothing store
MAH deh yeh (try to make the consonant y sound the last sound, kind of drop of the last eh) gas station
yeh-meh-GIHB BAYT restaurant
library library
sah-GOOR ahs-tah-kah-kY hair salon/barber
yeh-SIH-RAH BOH-tah work (job place)
meh-NAH-feh-SHAH park
meh-WAHN-yah BOH-tah swimming pool
BAYT-tah Christian church
meh KRAHB synagogue
mahs-GEEDT mosque
pohs tah BAYT post office
keh TAH meh city
geh TEHR countryside
yeh-ihn-seh-SAHT BAYT barn
tehl-ihk yeh-EHR-shah BOH-tah farm
MEHR cah doh open market
hah-KEEM BAYT hospital
SOOK local shop (small, small)


Waht Stew
DOH-roh Chicken
SHEE-roh Yellow peas
Yeh-meh-SIR Lentils
SIH-guh Beef
DAH-boh Bread
Ah-NAH-nahs Pineapple (Fanta Ananas soda is tasty)
LOH-mee Lemon
BIR too kan orange (color and fruit and name)
Lohz Nuts
Oh choh LOH nee Nuts
KEE tah Flat crispy bread kinda like a pizza crust
WOO hah Water
MAH her ber AH wee Mixed platter (when you order a meal)
beh KOH loh corn
bah KAY lah beans
FAHN deh shah popcorn (or a nickname for a smiley girl)
shy tea
BOO nuh coffee
BIH lah EAT!


bee EAT!


SHOO kah fork
SOO kwahr sugar
SIHND eh Wheat
TAH-Fahch (try to emphasize syllables equally) sweet (or delicious - doro wat can be tafach)
meh RAHB hungry
eh REH boh hahl Are you hungry?


eh REH boh shahl Are you hungry?


eh REH boh AH cheh hwahl Are y’all hungry?


meh TEH maht thirsty
TEH-geh-kuñ I’m full.
koh loh roasted barley (a snack)
meh sah lunch


BIR too kan orange (color and fruit and a girl’s name)
KI. Long I sound, you really need to force the K sound from your throat. Red
Seh-MY ah wee Blue
BEECH ah Yellow
Ah rahn GWAH day Green
Nehch White
boo NEE Brown
ti KOOR black
WAY ehn tehj purple


AH-zoh Crocodile
AHN-behs-sah Lion
Goo MAH ray Hippo
lahm cow*
beh RAY beef (ox)
behg sheep
fee YEHL goat
fah RAHS horse
ah HEE yah donkey
behk LOH mule
DOH roh chicken
WOO shah dog
dih MEHT cat
WOEFF bird*


Koh FEE yah cap
yeh shoo RAHB koh FEE yah hat (sweater cap)
mah nehs sir glasses
yeh tseHI mah nehs sir sunglasses
yahn get libs scarf
shirt shirt (t-shirt style)
sheh mees button up shirt
kah nah TEE rah short sleeve shirt
shoo RAHB sweater
yeh TOOTS mah see YAH zhah bra (boob holder)
yehj gwahnt gloves
moo TAHN tee underwear (girl or boy)
goord KEH mees skirt (half dress)
KEH mees dress
moo loo KEH mees long dress
soo ree trousers
goord soo ree shorts
jeans jeans
kahl see socks
NEH teh lah CHAH mah flip flops
adidas / sneaker athletic shoes
yeh SOOF CHAH mah dress shoes
kahr ah vaht tie
SOOF suit
yeh bah hel LIBS cultural clothes
yeh moh wah nyah LIBS swimsuit
ye suh HAHT wristwatch
kuh BAHT toh belt
yeh leh leet LIBS pajamas
yeh shint meh teh beh kee yah diapers
jacket jacket
mah lee yah soccer jersey
yeh zeh nah LIBS rain coat
KEES pocket
zih NAHB ring
yahn get necklace
zip zipper
yeh jeh BOHR sah purse
yeh JOH ROH get earrings
yeh KES LIBS priest clothing


Ahndt 1
HOO let 2
Sohst 3
AH-raht 4
AH-mist 5
SIH dist 6
SAH Baht 7
SIH mint 8
zeh TEHñ (make up some crazy sound between the short e and the long i sound. I can’t figure out how to write it.) 9
AH sir 10
AH sir ah ANDT 11
AH sir ah HOO leht 12
AH sir ah SOHST (keep going for the rest of the teen numbers) 13
HI ah 20
HI ah ahndt 21
HI ah HOO leht 22
Seh LAHSS sah 30
Seh LAHSS sah AHNDT 31
ahr BAH 40
HAHM sah 50
SIHL sah 60
SAH bah 70
sah MAH nee yah 80
zeh TEH nah 90
MEH toh 100
HOO leht MEH toh 200
ahnd eh SHEECH (the CH sound is like the CH in German Ich liebe dich.) 1000
HOO leht SHEECH 2000


Tew Stop it. (Like “don’t do that anymore”)


Tay Stop it.


Nah Come


Nay Come


TOH-loh na! Come quickly.
Tehn ya Sleep!
Ah tin KAHñ No touching me. (said to a male)


Ah tin KEEñ No touching me.


Ah tin KOU No touching him. male to male
In-eh-HEEDT Let’s go.
HEED TEHN yah Go to sleep!
heed go!
wu TAH get out!
Koom stop (like stop walking) - there is some difference between when to use Koom and when to use tew, but I can’t understand it.


KOO-mee stop


mah RAHM ehd Walk!


teh RAHM ehd Walk!


teh RAHM eh JEE Walk!


SAH-meñ Kiss me! (Use this at the orphanage!)
MEHM-taht Kick! (casual kick)


MIH-tah Kick! (the same word is used for kick and hit. somehow you are just supposed to know which one you are referring to)


MIH-chee Kick!


Kwahss MEHM-taht Kick the ball!
MAY-ahz Catch!


YAHZ catch


YAH-ZHJee catch


MEH-wehr-WEHR (don’t forget to roll all the Rs!) Throw!


wehr WEHR Throw!


wehr WEHR-EE Throw!


mahn-keh-bah-LEHL Roll!


AHN-keh-bah-LEHL Roll


AHN-keh-bah-YEE Roll


meh-ROHT Run!


eh-ROOT run!


eh-ROO-chee run!


Beh LOOT KICK! (power kick)


BEH-la-ohw (slur the last 2 sounds together, put the w sound at the end) KIck! (power kick)


beh LOO waht KICK (power kick)


Bell Say (Sort of like Speak Up!)
zihm Bell Don’t say (be quiet).
Sahk Smile!
Ah-tuh SAHK Don’t smile!
BIH lah eat! M
BEE eat! F


Lehb Heart
YEH-nay hae-waht my life (term of endearment)
Beh-teh-leh-ku Ewedehalehu I love you big


TAH-Fahch (try to emphasize syllables equally) sweet (or delicious - doro wat can be tafach)
yeh-nay tahfach My Sweet (term of endearment)
yeh-nay tseh-HI (long i) My Sunshine
FAHN deh shah popcorn (or a nickname for a smiley girl)
Meh CHEM Ahl rehs SAH shem I never forget about you.


Yeh-NAY woo-ehd My treasure
Beh TAHM Too much, a lot, very
AHN-chee yeh-NAY nehsh You are mine


AHN-teh yeh-NAY neh You are mine


AHN-chee NEHF-say nesh You are my soul.


AHN-tay NEHF-say neh You are my soul.


YEH-nay AHN-teh GOH-behz LEEJ-neh You are a smart boy.
eh wed eh HA lehoo (slur the last part together) I love you.


Eh wed eh SHAH lehu I love you.


ah FIHK er HAH lehu I love you - ROMANTIC! (Don’t say to your kids.)


ah FIHK er SHAH lehu I love you - ROMANTIC! (Don’t say to your kids.)


yeh-nay FIHK-er My Love
yeh-nay MAHR my Honey
wair -AYN-yah Chatterbox (Ok, not really an endearment but it is a nickname.)
yeh-NAY nih-gist My Queen
yeh-NAY nih-gooss My King

tseh HI sun
DAH mehn nah cloud
koh KOHB star
CHAH rah KAH moon
seh MY sky
sahr grass
zahf tree
ah behb bah flower
ze nahb rain
wehnz river
HYK (long I) lake
tah rah rah mountain
ah fir dirt
beh reh HAH desert
mahn get road
CHAH kah forest
koot kwah toh bush
yah til kilt boh tah garden
beh reh doh snow


ah dees ah met New Year’s
en koo tah tahsh New Year’s
fah see kah Christian - Easter
geh nah Christian - Christmas
yeh lih deht kehn Birthday
mehl kahm lih deht Happy Birthday
tim kaht Orthodox - baptism
may day Liberation from Italians (May 23 - ET calendar)
gehn BOHT hI ah first day of new governmental regime (ehadige)/ end of Dergue
mes kel Orthodox cross was found Day
eid al adha Muslim - Festival of the Sacrifice
eid al fitr Muslim - end of Ramadan


Tin-nish Small (a little)
Tell-ick Big (a lot)
MEHT-foh Bad
ehbdt-deh-SOU Crazy (psychiatrically) Don’t use jokingly!
Tehr OO Good
Tehr OO Beh-TAHM Very good!
TOH-loh Quick/ly
Mook Hot
MAH zihn sad
meh KOH taht mad
dih KAHM tired
HI lehn yah wide awake (have strength)
I nah fahr shy
KOO roo proud
meht-FOH SHIT-tah stinky (Bad smell)
MAH fer embarrassed
KAHZ kah zah cold (temperature)
Tehn-KAH-rah Strong
Dess TEHN ya Funny or Happy
DEHS tah Happy or funny
Kuhss Slowly (Patiently)
KOHN-joh Beautiful
GO behz Clever (or “Good Job!)
ah HOON now!


tsah GOOR hair
RAHS head
I-n (long I) Eye
Ah FENCH uh Nose
CUHM for Lips
ahf Mouth
Terths Teeth
Goonch Cheek
JOH-roh Ear
ahn GEHT neck (front)
ehj arm
meh DAHF palm
yehj eh TAHT fingers
Lehb Heart
Hoed Stomach
jahr BEH back
KU lah Circumcised penls (adult)
KEET butt
eh GIHR leg (includes leg and foot)
eh GROHCH legs
yeh gihr TAHT foot
TAH tohch toes
Hoed ayn ah meh MEHñ My stomach hurts.
_____ ayn ah meh MEHñ My ______ hurts (is sick).
yeh TOOTS b00bs
KOH dah skin
ahn GOHL brain
meh LAHSS tongue
mahn JEH RAHT neck (back side)
ahn JET intestine
gool beht knee
ehmss girl privates


ZAHR ay Today
NEH geh Tomorrow
teh LAHN teh nah yesterday
Kan (short a) Day
ah HOON now
Kah -tell-OH Next
Ehn-DEHG-uh-nah Again
ChAH mer More
BECK ah Finished (enough)
eh REHF Drop it/Leave it/It’s over (used when having a conversation that you want to be finished)
In NUH And
Kayss Orthodox priest
Soft Toilet paper (even in English it is called “Soft”)
ah-MOHN-yahl I feel sick.
BIHCH uh Only
Yet? Where?

If you are playing the Battleship:
AHL-tah meh TAHM He was Missed.
Tem-meh-TWAH He got Hit (actually Kick)
YAHN-tah-TEH-rah Your turn
Tah-kah-TAH-tah-yaht Watch her (if she is cheating!)
Tah-kah-TAH-tah-yewu Watch him!
LIB-dahsh F.U. (male to female) Apparently this can only be used in the mode of actual physical command for the specific action, (someone will F you, not a general “sod off”)


Menalsh? What did you say?


Menalk? What did you say?


Chigger yeh-LEM No problem.
Chigger AH-leh There is a problem.
en DEHT How?
AHL geh-BAHN yehm I don’t understand
HOO loom all
MAH-kee-nah Car
gih deh GIH dah Wall
teh MER teh bayt school
OW toh boos bus
dih BOOL bool circle
ahr rah toom gohn eh kool yeh hoh nah (OR you can just say SQUARE) square
sost mah EH zehn triangle
guhn ZEHB money
kwahss ball (but everybody knows this refers to a soccer ball or toy ball - but not volleyball or tennis ball)

eh-GEHR Kwahss chah-WAH-tah Soccer (directly translated it means Feet-Ball-Play)

WAY-yah Ah-beh-sha neh-gehr Oh, the ways of the Abesha!!
WAY-yah Ferengi neh-gehr Oh, the ways of the foreigners!
EH shee OK (you’ll hear this a lot)
EHM bee Not OK
LEH mehn tah lihk SAH leh (exhale a heavy H sound at the end) Why are you crying?


LEH mehn tah lihk SHAH lesh Why are you crying?


IN-nay ih-FEHL-ih-gah-loh… I want…
mihn tih-FEHL-ih-gah-leh What do you want?


mihn tih-FEHL-ih-gee-ah-lesh What do you want?


MIHN ihm Nothing.
GO behz Clever (or “Good Job!)
eh-nih-GEH-nah-ñAH-lehn We will meet.
MEHL-kahm GOO-zoh yeh-HOON-eh-lih Have a good trip.


MEHL-kahm GOO-zoh yeh-HOON-eh-lesh Have a good trip.


beh AH mah REEN yah in Amharic
geh neht heaven


teh-MAIR-teh-BAYT school
ahss TAH mah REE teacher
keh fill class
teh MAH ree students
hee sahp math
ehn glee zee ñAH English
science science
tah reek history
ah mah reen yah Amharic
hah bah rah TEH seb geography
moo zeek ah music
sport sports/gym
eh rehft break (recess)
keh fill gee zee class period
black-board chalkboard
chalk chalk
meh seh hahf text book
err sahss pencil
eh skrih bee toh (sounds like Spanish to me!!) pen
shahn tah backpack
mahss-tah-wah-shah dehb-ter notebook
yeh BAYT seh RAH homework
yeh dehm beh libs uniform
ah leh kah monitor
gwah dehn yah friend
gwah dehn yohch friends
meh geh rehf beating with a stick after making a mistake


Mah no? Who is that?
Mah no goh-behz/tehn-kah-rah/kohn-joh?Start with Mah-no and fill in an adjective afterwards. Who is clever/strong/beautiful? substitute whatever adjective you want after who is

Yeht no? Where is it/he? (male or objects) M
Yeh TAH lah? Where is it/he? (I can’t figure out the difference of when to use yet no or yet tahla. They seem to be interchangeable. If you want to ask about a person, start with his name or position first. e.g. M
Abaye yeht no? Where is Dad? M
yeh-nay mah-KEE-nah yet no? Where is my car?
Yeh TAH lehch? Where is she? F
Mommy yeh-TAH-lehch? Where is Mommy?
Yeht neh? Where are you? (Like if you are talking to a person on a cell phone) M
Yeht nesh? Where are you? F
mah chay When?
leh mehn Why?
sint no? How much?
yeh-HAY min-deh-NO What is this?
YAH min-deh-NO What is that?