Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Great Day To Ride My Bike

Yesterday was such a great day. This whole week averages 82 degrees. On Mondays, David makes dinner (yesssssss!) so I had a half hour to kill to throw Evan on the back, ride to a friends house, stop by King Sooper Market for Evan to run in to get a free cookie, ride around the neighborhood and look for gardening ideas and still get home in time for a glass of wine!

I look forward to heading thru the Rockies for a day ride with David before we sell MY bike. Funny how adoption costs can just keep on coming. One bike for the both of us is fine for now. My friend Libby said we could borrow hers should we want to ride together, so that was really nice.


Amber said...

whoo hoo...you are one hot momma!

Leah Reeves said...

Have fun!
We had all our T-shirts made. It was easy.