Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How To Pay For Adoption! Or Not!

How to pay for adoption..........Read here for some excellent information!

This blog I was looking at when you click above, www.thevoiceofadventure.blogspot.com had a post where the husband who is versed in the area of adoption and tax credits, etc... has written a fantastic post about how to actually adopt for free. You may have to "front" costs now, but you get your tax "credit" the next year. Worth reading.


Katy said...

I just spent a long time reading giant chunks of 2 of your 3 listed blogs. I love the idea of the Champ Ladder and can't wait until I have children with names so I can get a customized one! Your family is beautiful and Congratulations on your referrral.

Katy said...
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Lisa & David said...

Thank you for such nice comments. Yes, we are excited about our referral and are chomping at the bit to bring her home. I too perused YOUR blog and just love LOVE your sense of humor. I only read one post and it was a good one about the people that don't read your blog and then keep asking you things about the adoption. I feel ya!!!! Some people just aren't with us on this "blog" journey. I absolutely love blogging for the exact reason that you talked about. It's a love letter to our family, our children.

I hope you keep in touch...I certainly will with yours! All the best with your adoption. I must read to find out where you are at in the process.

Angel said...

WELL!!! HI THERE!!! It's a small world after all! :0) I am so glad you stopped by. I pretty much cried when I saw that video. HOW PRECIOUS ARE YOUR BOYS???? Love it... On a side note... did ya see the blog posts about RLC?


I would love for you to be an adoption journalist if you are interested. Great to meet you! Angel

Angel said...

Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah... check out the site when you have time. We are a different kind of not-for-profit. It may be a great fit for you. redletterscampaign.com

If you want to find out about being an adoption journalist just go here and watch the video and then click on the instructions on getting started... http://www.redletterscampaign.com/connect/adoption-journals/

Just let me know. No pressure. :0)

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Hi Lisa!

That is so funny that you were reading my blog nearly at the same time that I was watching your video. Congratulations on your little girl. So exciting that you will be traveling relatively soon! Are the boys going along? Have you been studying Amharic quite a bit? How is that going? I so want to go back to Ethiopia someday. I hope you will blog about the trip and share lots of pictures with us. I'll be checking on you guys!