Wednesday, May 28, 2008

California Trip Day 1 - Thursday

Southern California Tour of as many In-N-Outs as we possibly can.

This is In-N-Out stop #1

We made great timing today today. We are staying in St. George Utah ....... and guess what we found...........

This In-N-Out just opened a month ago and David sniffed it out as we drove by. We didn't know there was an In-N-Out in Utah and you should have heard the screams in the car seeing that logo on the side of the freeway. We knew then . . . where we'd be for dinner!!

ahhhh . . . the shakes!

I swear they savored every bite...

This was Evan's last's been 2 years since he's had In-N-Out!

And then . . . it was all over. We bid farewell to Mr. In-N-Out guy!

Then we went to Barnes and Noble or rather Star Wars Land. Brandon happened (as usual) to be looking at 3 huge Star Wars books and all of a sudden he heard this VERY heavy breathing behind him and these 2 huge was so funny being he's a big Star Wars fan.

This was actually a couple of days before we left, but I had to post this picture of a long time friend of ours...Tony from L.A. He came to Denver to complete a project with David and to see our new homelife. He's helped us move 3 houses over the last 20 years and has been an amazing single Dad for so long. He is the inspiration for our own family and individual creed that the boys have memorized. Everyone should have a "Tony" in their lives. I'm glad WE do!

Tony in David's office

Sadie sometimes stops . . . to smell the flowers!

Well...we're done for the day. Tomorrow we hit Oceanside for 2 nights and touch our little toesies in the Pacific ocean.


Amber said...

Cute pic's. It must be fun traveling with boys!
Be safe! I'm praying you get a court date soon.

LISA said...

How fun!!Living in Kansas, it's been 15 years since i've had
IN-N-OUT!!It is so good!! Tony looks like a nice guy.Also,he looks like he could have actually moved the houses!Either he is really tall and strong,or the pictures are really taken well! LOL!

Lisa & David said...

It is fun traveling like this cause there are really no set plans. We fly by the seat of our pants since there is no "plane ticket" date that we have to be done by. My agency still says no news yet. I am so glad I am on this road trip to keep my mind occupied. I too keep abreast of your news so know what's happening on your side.
Hugs to you Amber...
P.S. Does your daughter want to start some communication with my son via an email to him or phone call? I believe you have my number but, call me and I can give you his number.

darci said...

what great pics! looks like you're haing a blast! darci

Debbie said...

great post!!! Keep us updated on your trip... I haven't ever heard of an IN=N=OUT.