Saturday, May 31, 2008

California Trip Day 2 & 3 - Friday & Saturday

We arrived in Oceanside, San Diego and find that our hotel is located right across the street from the ocean with everything in walking distance. The boys went straight to the pool, then to the ocean in their jeans and came back with soaking wet jeans. Boys!!

David and the boys in front of our hotel...

David and I checked into the room and found my Aunt Kathy whom we haven’t seen in ages. She was staying at the same hotel as us and it was so good to see family. We chatted over a bottle of beer and port! This is my Dad’s only sister. Since we have absolutely no family in Denver (except our new friends whom we call family . . . . cause they’re just so good to us) it's refreshing to be with family.

Uh-huh! Again . . . with the In-N-Out!

Here is In-N-Out #2. Oh Yeah!

Me and Brandon in front of my sister's Oceanside home. That's my sister and her husband Greg in the background.

My Aunt Dottie, Kelly and me in red

Brandon ... Oceanside Beach

Brandon and some surfer dude

Oceanside Beach

David, my nephew and Ben having "Man-Chat"

This is my Aunt Kathy on the left and her long time and very good friend who she’s kept in touch with for many decades. How cool is that.

And…here are MY 3 friends that I’ve kept in touch with whom I’ve known for decades as well. We’re just missing Shelly from Costa Mesa.

My Uncle Denny and cousins Sharon and Kristi...aren't they gorgeous!

These are some pictures of the cousins...

Greg taking pictures for EVERYONE . . . check out how many cameras he is balancing.

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