Thursday, May 8, 2008

Her Room is Coming Together.....SooOO Cute!

As I continue to W A I T . . . for our court date, I get my ya ya's out by good finds for "T"s room. You've got to see what I found at a yard sale this morning on my way back from taking Brandon to school...

This is really heavy, very well made.

In her room, on one wall, I wanted to create a montage of really great things ... like this flower picture. It is so cute and I think I'll paint it to match whatever else I put on that wall...this was $15. The montage wall will have framed pics of where she came from, of her and her nanny who is taking care of her right now and the very first picture we got of her. Kinda like a fun "tribute" wall with some girly stuff in it. I know she's only 2 1/2 , but I also have some other really fun things in there for her. When I get it a bit more together...I'll show you what it looks like.

This pink and blue antique stroller is from the 1940's and was $10. The lady selling it said it was really hard for her to let it go as she was a doll collector and just needed to "pair" down. I could tell it meant a lot to her.... and I just thought that I had to tell her where this stroller was going and thought it might make her happy to know it is going to a very special little girl. I got her attention and told her that she should know that this will go into the room of my 2 1/2 yr. old daughter who is coming here in July from Ethiopia...her face lit up and she hugged me. She said, "Oh, God bless you". She got teary eyed before she forced herself walk away. I think she was trying to keep from tearing up at 7:30 in the morning with lots of other people in her driveway.

The next thing in the picture was $4 and is so cute for her dresser. The little rocking chair was $1....

This birdcage was $4. I thought it would be cute for her to put dolls in

And this painted wagon was $3....can you believe it?

This stool was $2. Maybe You can't really tell from the picture, but it is really petite and just perfect for a little girl's room. I'll paint the flower picture frame this blue color and paint her name on the top of this stool with some painted flowers. Ohhh...this is going to be so much fun!

This was $2 and it may or may not go in her room. I have to see how much room I have left. If you could imagine the wall I'm talking about...I was thinking of sort of "framing" everything on the wall by draped curtains. May be hard to imagine, but in my mind it is a focal point of the room...besides HER of course.

Each of my kids have the coolest rooms....they're so lucky! I just remember sharing a VERY small room with my sister. We had bunk beds and one tiny little small closet...I cannot believe we shared that room for so long and got along enough to survive. Our house we grew up in is only 1100 sq. ft I believe. She went to bed early, I went to bed late. She'd be so angry at me cause I'd talk all night and then she'd be up early in the morning juuuUUUst chipper as can be (hah! Kelly....I know you're've gotta be compelled to comment at least ONCE on this blog...c'mon, you can do it). We'd talk all night about boys, clothes, Gabriel Guerra and how he liked her but I wanted him to like ME. We fought, we laughed, we shared wishes for Christmas gifts and many things I cannot blog about. I'm very glad we shared that teeeny tiny little room together cause she was out of the house at 16 and I was 14. I would have missed out on a lot. It's okay that our "T" is not coming with a sister....she has ME....and boy can I talk!!

Nighty Nite All!


SDR said...

I hope T's not a tomboy - you'll be so disappointed!!! Just kidding, I know you guys will love her no matter what her interests are, but I'm sure a little pink wouldn't hurt.

Lisa - you are doing an awesome job and putting me to shame. T's going to love everything, I'm sure.


Nicknames used to give more privacy.. said...

Her room is going to be so sweet!!! Can't wait to see it finished:)

LISA said...

Lovin' your cool finds!!!We are working on a "retro" baby/toddler room for our little ones.(IF we ever find out who they are)I LOVE going to sales and finding such great bargains!The stroller is a KEEPER!!!You got a bargain too!!

Lisa & David said...

"T" can be a little bit of a tomboy, that's okay with me, but just a little. I was a little bit of one and I turned out okay. That WOULD be funny though, wouldn't it?

Amber said...

Wow, you are a bargain machine! Amazing! I also like the comment about your sister, very funny. Did she leave a comment?


Tracy said...

I want to spend just one Saturday yard selling with you!! Mind if I fly out from S.C. to grab some deals? Wow!!!

Lisa and David said...

I can see now that you are in SC. Love that area. How 'bout we visit each other? Not kidding! I loooOOve yard sales. And now my local Goodwill too. Bought Tigist a Hello Kitty back pack for $3 Why are we paying full price for everything??