Friday, March 12, 2010

Dreams ... Oh So Healthy!

I can feel it in the air ... Spring is about to be sprung.  That's always the same week of Brandon's birthday, so such a lovely time to consider Spring time and what it has to offer.  I can't wait to rejuvenate the soil of my vegetable & herb garden.  I can't wait to sit on the edge while pulling weeds with the promise of a lavender fragrance or the promise of fresh pesto that night from the basil that seems to yield more than I could ever use.

Spring promises me a new growth of my mind.  As Winter can shut you in with all of your bottled up thoughts, Spring is the time for the promises of dreams too.

Lately, I've been having the sweetest of conversations with a new friend.  Because we are on opposite sides of the world and the time difference, we both awake to find a newly typed out reply from the day before.  Back and forth, back and forth we write and share our dreams and our hearts.  I hold it very dear to my heart and understand that this person trusts me with all that he has to share such as ... his dreams and fears.  We discuss our countries.  Both the beauty and the tragedies of what makes them what they are.  We share life's challenges and how our Faith holds us together when life feels like too much to take.  We dream together, yet apply practical advice within every conversation.  I consider him a brother that I never had.  I hope he thinks of me like family too.  When he apologizes for downloading such personal thoughts, like his fears, anger and frustration, I have to remind him that it is God's most precious gift to us ... relationship.  Life seems to offer up surprises sometimes that we don't even see coming.  One day is normal, and the next can be just spectacular.  One day we're too busy to just "be", where the next day can be quite tragic.  Tomorrow is not a promise, but today is!  I'm taking my own advice!

Perspective plays such a huge role in how we look at things though.  That is the beauty of our uniqueness.  We can have the same thing happen to 2 different people and because of our specific uniqueness and qualities, they can be handled and experienced in 2 totally different manners. 

I have been doing a lot of dreaming lately.  How 'bout you?

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Reply Fom My Favorite Writer ... Frances Mayes

Cortona, Italy in January

Posted by francesmayes on February 27th, 2010
"What a terrific adventure you’re about to take. It will be fascinating to be in actual homes while the owners are in yours! Could be a book! Thanks for all the kind words and have fun–Frances"
Ohhhhh ... now I have my book idea!   I've always dreamed of writing a book and also writing part of it from italy.  I journaled about that years ago while on a sabbatical in Santa Barbara.

Something to think about!