Friday, November 7, 2008

We Play. We Dress Up. We Rock!

Brandon and Evan love to rough-house with Tigist ... she is so tough. And then she'll pout over a simple hurt feeling. She is just so cute!

She adores her brothers to no end!

Tigist has unlimited kisses for everybody

They play this game of how she falls into their arms. Not good to play at the top of the stairs, which she has already done ... and survived w/o a tear.

Pinned!!!!!! Yesssssss!

"Maybe I was a bit rough on him??"

"Maybe not! He's still moving"

"Noooo! You have to be gentle with me. I'm just a little girrrrrl!"

The stinky diaper move!

"Are you gettin' this Mommy?"

"Have you had enough yet, Brandon?"

My Aunt Kathy sent Tigist these shoes and ballet outfit. SoooOOO adorable!

"I'm stretching!"

"Stretching ... "

"Am I cute, yet?"

"Stretching ... "

Auntie Kelly and cousin Krystal sent Tigist this outfit. I just love this on her. Thank you Kelly and Krystal.

"Thank you Auntie and cousin!"

"I'm a Rock Star!"

I made this Chicken Curry dish that took over 2 hours. These are just some of the ingredients, but it lasted for 4 meals (leftovers) and the whole family loved it. The sauce was amazing if I might say so myself. Reeeeallllly good.

We Voted!

We voted early ...

Halloween With Tigist

Tigist had an absolute blast "knock, knock, knocking" on our neighbors doors. Here are a few pics our sweet girl ...

Brandon, Tigist and Evan

Mommy, Come!

"Daddy, make sure I knock on EVERY door, okay?"

Grace's door ...

Grace lives directly behind me

"My bucket is still not fulll ... let's go!"

"Where can I get some more of this stuff?"

Diane's front porch

Devil dog

Debra's porch

Then we went to a party at Leah and Kyles beautiful home ...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tigist Halloween

For Tigist's first Halloween experience, we walked her around the cul-de-sac where she was spoiled by being given more than one candy per house. She thought it was just the greatest thing to "knock, knock, knock" and someone opens the door with a huge bowl of candy, which she gets to stick her little hand in and grab at. She would repeatedly mutter "knock, knock, knock?" and run from house to house.

We had been invited to a really great party that was all decked out for Halloween. With 25 kids and 50 people total, Tigist was not short on some great fun. David and I just got finished going through her candy stash ... you know, it's important for her not to have too much of anything, right? (I left my camera at the party, so I'll post pics later).

This was her first American experience of this kind of fun ...