Sunday, June 1, 2008

California Trip Day 4 - Sunday

Breakfast at Mimi's in Chino Hills was great . . . except I keep forgetting how much traffic and people there is now. Or maybe it has just grown over the last 20 months. Crowds are not a part of my lifestyle in Denver. We then called the Dugans and got invited (or rather kinda invited ourselves) to a picnic in Simi Valley with their 12 year old daughter, Brooke.

At this point I'm realizing how much gas I'm guzzling and that I just filled up my mini van with $70 on Sat. morning and within 48 hours, I'm filling it up again with another $70. I'm second guessing how much more driving around different counties I will be doing. We just might head for L.A. and the beach for much of our time here. These gas prices are killing my budget!! I've never had to think about gas before now . . . and I don't like it. And the time I'm spending on the freeway getting from friend A to friend B is adding up.

But we're having a blast and I am learning patience with these 2 boys with me in such close quarters.

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