Monday, June 9, 2008

California Trip Day 12 - Monday

Two of my friends with our agency have passed court today. Which means that my file is getting closer to a court date!! I am thrilled for both of them because they had some unexpected delays with court as well. But still, no court date for me yet. In 2 days it'll be 8 weeks which is what my agency said it would be. My last call to them was that it could be 10 weeks. There is a window of 2 months where Ethiopian courts actually close for holiday.

There are a lot of agencies pushing to get Dossiers thru because of this closure and I'm sure they are swamped. I thought I had all of my paperwork done so early that I wouldn't hit this closure window, but this process is so unpredictable and emotional. I have no control at this point other than making sure my file is moving and where it is suppose to be, which my agency says it is. My heart would break to get caught up in that window where no files get seen and we're basically just sitting and waiting with nothing being done for 2 months. I believe we will be okay, but adoption is an ever changing climate as rules change daily. I look at "T's pictures daily and envision her in my arms ... travel can not come fast enough.

ook the boys and Shere's boys to a harbour nearby where they kayaked and jumped off a bridge ... as boys do.


Brandon & Duke


Evan, Malcomb, Duke ... and Brandon in the background


Brandon by the bridge

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