Monday, June 9, 2008

California Trip Day 11 - Sunday

We've left Debbie's in Diamond Bar to hang out down by the beaches. I've been following a blog of a Vietnam adoption of a friend of mine, Shere'. She's been waiting almost 2 years for her baby girl to pick up and today is her Welcome Home Shower in Huntington Beach. She is absolutely perfect and happy ...

Shere', her daughter Lana and me

Shere' & Lana with Shower cake

Paul, Shere' & Lana aka: Pocahontas

Shere' offered for us to stay at her house, which is nice because she has kids that hang out with my kids ... and we know that's a good thing for us Moms on a road trip with 2 boys at each other's throats all day long. Shere' is such a sweetheart and she and her husband have welcomed us here with open arms. At the shower, I met so many really great women. I'm actually sad that we don't all live closer cause the conversations were amazing. Shere' has some fantastic friends.

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