Sunday, June 8, 2008

California Trip Day 9 - Friday

Check out the price of gas in SoCal. $4.39. This is in Baldwin Park.
In Denver right now it is $3.65

Lunch at Wabi-Sabi, Chino Hills. We miss this place a LOT! But the three of us ate conservatively and it still came out totaling $38. This was a treat though.

Okay, so I think we've done In-N-Out 5 times now.
This is the original In-N-Out. This is where I use to walk to for my burgers. It is in Baldwin Park, CA. Although this one is closed, just next to it on the left is a new one that replaced this one. I think they left it here for historic purposes. You know, they've never changed their menu, they've never added on the fattening stuff that McDonalds and Fast food places add on as well as their kids toys as gimmicks. They've stayed true to fresh and healthy food and simple ordering. They are my favorite fries and burger of all time ... EVER!

Ricardo, JoLinda, Charlie, Michelle and myself.

Debbie planned this get together of our friends that we keep in contact with from High School. That was a looooOOOOng time ago (not saying how long, but long). These are the die-hard true-blue friends that place a value on our keeping in touch. We laughed and talked for 8 hours. It started at 6, most people came at 7 and last person left at 3:00am. Dale even stayed and helped clean up afterwards. I just love these guys. I love that we still keep in touch and make time to see each other.

Me, Gina and Charlie

Dale, me and Ricardo.
We were good friends in High School, now we're GREAT friends. These guys are just so sweet.

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