Saturday, June 21, 2008

We're Home ... I've Decompressed!

We arrived back home from our 21 day road trip to California. I will update all of the days later, I have lots of pictures, but for now I have this.

This is what I did a lot. And it was niiiiiice!

I'm very happy to have spent time with so many special friends and family. Seeing most of my extended family the Friday for my Grammie's Memorial was so wonderful. Most of whom still live in San Diego. I met new friends, connected with old friends,

One friend gave birth
One friend welcomed her adopted baby girl after 2 years of processing
One is fighting cancer and winning
One is wrapping up the recording of her 3rd CD and I'm going to try my best to get her booked here in Denver at Dazzle
One fought infertility in a big way and wrote a book about it and gave me her little girl clothes for "T" (which I've looked over twice already)
One fighting heart challenges
One working hard as a husband and father and dreams of making movies
One fighting a kidney failure and inspires me even though we're 1,174 miles apart
One is a fine artist and I'm proud to own 3 of her pieces now in my home
One whom I'd admire as a Father for many years. We sat and talked about our "Bucket List". (Tony, don't forget your 4 "H"s)
One Father who honored the wishes of his daughters and took them from Denver to California and let me be their tour guide. (Mesfin and his 3 kids)
And many more...

... so many special times that keep me going while I'm away from them all. My hope is that they all come here to visit us ... we have room for all of you, so please come, I mean it!

I'm very glad to be back home ... there is no place like home!

Emnet, Mahalet, Brandon & Evan on Hillcrest St. in Beverly Hills. I love this street with all the palm trees lined all the way down.

The boys are taking their consequences like fine young men. We are gearing down to prepare for "T" and our "house" needs to be in order. We've been teaching the boys that when she comes here from leaving her life behind, everything that she has ever known, we will need to be so very patient with each other, so kind and loving and incredibly considerate of what "T" has been made to give up. Which in her mind is all she knows and EVERYTHING she knows. We need to be a stable source of love and patience for her ... period! Life when she arrives will stop for a little while, while she adjusts to her new routine and family. Our world will shrink down to simplicity while she attaches and connects to us. There will be so many "firsts" for her it is going to be so magical. The boys are well aware of all of this and are counting the days now.

Please pray for us on Monday as that is when our Dossier goes to court and if we pass, "T" will be our daughter legally and not just in our hearts. It could be 5 to 7 weeks from Monday that we travel. We're hoping for 5 weeks and not the latter.


Sherry said...

I am glad you had such a grand time with your family and friends. :)

We have another friend also with a court date this Monday, so we will be praying for success for both of you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved the pictures! What a fabulous trip! The boys will carry those memories with them forever.

I'm so glad you are decompressing before your next adventure. Have you started baby-proofing everything?

I'm praying for a successful court hearing tomorrow and soon you'll be traveling again.

Big hug!!