Sunday, June 8, 2008

California Trip Day 10 - Saturday

Charmaine's Birthday at Her House ...

Charmaine and myself. We were in a vocal group together a few years ago called Crescendo. We played a lunch and a dinner show at The Hop in Puente Hills where all of our friends and family supported us by attending our shows. What a blast that was. So she and I had fun with this pianist and harmonized with "Misty", a beautiful song by I think Nat King Cole??

Charmaine and Michael's home is very musical. Evan was inspired on their front lawn to play unplugged

This is Ella ... after of course the great Ella Fitzgerald. She is actually not long for this world and you wouldn't believe how many people love her. Really! Her papa Michael has written a book about Ella and her adventures in Europe. It's called surprisingly Ella In Europe!

Part travelogue, part valentine to a beloved pet, Ella in Europe chronicles writer Michael Konik’s magical six-week journey through Europe with his dog, Ella. An homage to the friend who has “licked away my tears when I’m sad, hopped on her hind legs when I’m happy, and snuggled me when I’m lonely,” here is the story of a bond unlike any other–and an extraordinary dog who stole her way into one man’s heart. Los Angeles writer Michael Konik had always shared his life with dogs. But Ella, a gentle Lab mix, was something special.

She has an incredibly sweet nature and I know Charmaine and Michael are feeling a bit low about when her time is coming. When we left their house last night, I heard Evan sobbing behind me as we walked to the car. I turned around and I saw him and couldn't understand what had happened to him from her door to the street. He said sobbing, "Will I ever see Ella again?" I said I didn't know, but we'll try to see her again before we go. He was very sad all night and held Ellas postcard that Michael gave him close all night.

She can barely hear, her hind legs are too weak to walk well, and her poor spine is very evident along her back side. We love being with Ella yesterday and prayed last night that she would live longer, but with no pain for her.

Ella, Michael, me, Evan and Brandon

Brandon at their piano in the living room. They live in a very old home right off of Hollywood Blvd. It is absolutely fabulous and so are Michael, Charmaine and Ella.

Evan at their front porch

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It looks like you guys are having fun! Great pictures! You look so pretty.