Saturday, June 28, 2008

California Trip Day 18 - Sunday

Being away from David on Father's Day was a bummer, but we are postponing celebrating today by a week when I return home.

Today was our 4th day with Mesfin and his family. And being that it is Father's Day, I thought the beach with his kids would be a fond memory. We walked through Venice Beach for an hour and then headed to Santa Monica for some fun on the Pier and the kids playing in the sand and the waves. These kids get along so well, I am so pleased about that.

While staying at Charmaine's in Hollywood for 4 nights, the boys and I would eat breakfast here at Mel's Diner on Sunset Blvd. before heading to Burbank to pick up Mesfin and kids.

Venice Beach ... Ocean Front Walk. This is where I hung out for 15 years from 17 years of age on ... I'd skate from 10am till it got dark then head home. Ohhhhh the single life!!!

I love some of the old architectural structures still left original here in Venice Beach. There are even the Venice Canals that have gondolas going thru them where some of the homes are.

Mahalet and Emnet ... Santa Monica Pier.

Walking on Santa Monica Pier. That would be Malibu Beach in the background.

There was a Memorial Tribute going on here in the sand with hundreds of these white wooden crosses representing fallen soldiers. My guess is that they were Fathers who were lost in the war ... being that this day was Father's Day. It was beautiful, yet sad.

Underneath Santa Monica Pier. Here are the 4 kids. I love these pier pictures.

The kids played in the water and waves for a couple of hours.

Emanuel and his pez

I love this picture of them just sitting together. Happy Father's Day Mesfin. You are an amazing father.

He'd run to the water, then run away when the waves came back up.

All 4 of the big kids are in the water right behind Emanuel running ... see them?

Then the current became pretty strong and the waves bigger. I started to look for Brandon and I couldn't see him at all. I began panic mode for a few minutes thinking where could he have gone and I was thinking he went under the water by the current and couldn't come back up. Outside I looked calm, (like the ocean) but inside I was freaking out. Then he tapped me on the shoulder. I had no idea he came out already!!! Oh, my nerves!!

Mahalet and I made these sand hills with water and sand. These are so much fun to make.

These flip flops have walked for 30 days in New York. Evan and I walked at least 10,000 steps a day as Evan and I explored all of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Cony Island. I never paid $32 for any kind of flip flops, but these were the most comfortable I've ever had and I still wear them.

Checkers and Chess is played near the pier all the time for as long as I've been going to this beach. It's a place people just come to meet their friends and have some fun.

We ended the day at Bob's Big Boy Hamburgers restaurant. This is in Burbank where Mesfin is staying.

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