Monday, June 2, 2008

California Trip Day 5 - Monday

Today's schedule consists of Monica, Vanessa and The T A L E N T E D Tonieeeeeeeees!

We were going to go to Universal Studios on the 16th, but a good part of it has burnt down yesterday morning. I think the air is full of chemicals and plastic that burnt, so I'm concerned about being there all day. I think I may be able to get really good tickets to Disneyland though
. . . so I think that is where we will go when Mesfin and his family are in So Cal.

Monica (below with the boys) is a wonderful friend of ours who is due to give birth first thing tomorrow morning. I picked her up in Alhambra and she was in regular clothes and the cutest heels . . . she looked amazing. Keziah (spelling?) will join her baby brother and Father Deron who just graduated from University as a Doctor . . . the boys and I will meet this precious little girl at lunch time tomorrow. Then the boys are off to see their old twin friends where we use to live. And I'll find some "Hot Spot" to do some over due writing and catching up.

Evan, Mama Monica (and baby Keziah in tummy) and Brandon

Evan . . . doing what he does 24/7

Brandon . . . we picked up lunch at Gelsons and ate it in the park in Pasadena

Monica and her cute self. I think she even went swimming this morning.

Tony II (aka: Bamm Bamm), Tony III (aka: Hot Sox), Evan and Brandon

Tony, Tony and yessss........Tony!

Picking up the Tonys in Whittier. The boys haven't seen eachother in 2 years


Anonymous said...

hi Lisa, hope you guys are coming on Sunday, not Saturday ;-0

Lisa & David said...

Yes ... I see now that it is Sunday. We are in fact coming and looking forward to it from 4 to 7pm.