Sunday, June 22, 2008

California Trip Day 17 - Saturday

Today's destination ... Mulholland Drive Overlook, Hollwood Blvd., Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive

Overall our day today was really fun. I never get tired of these parts of L.A. I had known since I was young that I wanted to live there for a period and "Play" there. I lived here, worked here, played here, volunteered and made lifetime friends here. I love showing people parts of these areas and miss that I can't just pop over there now that we've moved. But moving was a conscious decision and we are happy with that choice and where we live. There is so much in and around Denver to explore and we have only just begun ...

Mahalet, Emnet, Brandon & Evan ... Standing on top of Mulholland Drive overlook in the Hollywood Hills. The Hollywood Sign is in the mountain upper right area, very small and white.

Hillcrest Drive in Beverly Hills

The kids by the BH sign. As they crossed the street again, they noticed Kobe Bryant in his mercedes crossing before them as they waited. It was so funny cause I thought they said Conan Obrien.

Simon Cowell's home in Beverly Hills

Larry Kings home

Faye Dunaway's home. She starred in Bonnie & Clyde with Warren Beatty

Hollywood Blvd.

El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Blvd. This 1925 theater has so much history, I would encourage anyone visiting here to experience this old theater by going to a movie here. The tickets are more, but it's worth it.

This young girl sang like a pro. It is amazing the number of talented people out there that we'll never find a CD on. She looked 12, but may have been older. Sang like a 30 year old.

The Kodak Theater is where the American Idol finales are held, the Oscars and lots of other shows. I haven't been inside it yet, but I worked the Hollywood Christmas Parade for 13 years as a coordinator in front of it when it was built. Hollywood Blvd. has come a long way over the last 10 years. It's so much nicer and updated. I haven't taken a bad picture of these girls yet. Or the whole family.

Emmanuel & Mesfin with Mickey. Three handsome guys, hey?

This guy was so impressed with Brandon because he knew who he REALLY was. I have no idea, but it was a cross between two characters (Star Wars ... ?? Who knows). The guy slapped him a hi-five and took off his mask and was just in awe that Brandon was the only one ever to know who he really was. I'd love to see Brandon's efforts and knowledge of these characters put elsewhere .... oy vey!


After this photo was taken, Emmanuel screamed at the top of his lungs 'cause Barney was too scary ... I know!!!

Lots of characters on this street. Some never even had costumes on, but were still scary...if you know what I mean!

I think Batman's underwear was showing. How embarrassing!

Me and my guys in front of Manns Theatre, or in my day was called Grauman's Chinese Theater. We stopped and looked at footprints and handprints in the cement. This is another beautiful theater inside.

Marilyn Monroe's star in front of McDonalds

The real star was here ... look closer below at who's name is really on it...

Not engraved in gold, but still ...

So many guys kept wanting to use Brandon's rip-stick cause they'd never tried or seen one. I love these better than skateboards 'cause they seem safer and they are quieter, but gives the kids more effort to move them along.

These characters scared little 2 1/2 yr. old Emanual

I swear I had no idea that spiderman changed mid-sidewalk in plain sight. Wow! And we witnessed it. What a treat.

He's standing in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel which was where the first Academy Awards was held. This hotel too should be walked thru if you are on Hollywood Blvd. It was built in 1927 and the integrity of the hotel is still in tact after recent renovations. I love this hotel and spent a lot of time here at parties after we would be done with the Hollywood Christmas Parade each year. My 50 volunteers loved it too cause we get to eat great food and see the celebs come thru after they were done traveling the route of the parade. I have pictures of the Home Improvement Boys when they were very little, then each year they eventually outgrew me in our pictures. Fun times in this beautiful hotel. And although David and I lived in Hollywood for 5 years, I'm happy to not raise my kids there!!!

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. The only thing we spent on this street was "time".

City Hall, Beverly Hills

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

$200,000 cars ...

Cartier ...

Dolce & Cabbana ...

Ferraris ...

We introduced In-N-Out in Westwood to Mesfin's family

This theater is where many movie premiers are held. Westwood is the playground for the UCLA students next door.

The boys were interviewed for a commercial promo spot for Kung-Fu Panda

My handsome guys

The girls were interviewed too. They did great and were some good.

Aren't these girls gorgeous? I was wondering if my "T" will have fabulous hair like these girls.

Then we ate at McDonalds ... with this guy. I guess monsters have to eat too.

They talk on cell phones too ... and chat with other characters

They love attention! Poor Mesfin had to take Emmanuel to the other side of the restaurant so that he wouldn't ever see this guys face. He had red contacts and fangs on. Click on any picture to see it more clearly, cause I saw either blood or ketchup on his fries ... not sure.And very little clothing. Nice ... IF YOU'RE INTO THAT!?

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