Thursday, July 3, 2008

California Trip Day 19 - Monday

Today we spent at Universal City Walk. It is the entrance to Universal Studios, but just to the left is some outdoor walking shops and theater and great restaurants. This was our last day together before both our families leave, but great to know that we will see them back at home too.

The kids

Emanuel placing his "ball" amongst all the other balls

Great shopping

Emanuel ... he is such a character!

Evan ...

We dropped off Mesfin and family at 5:30 and headed off to Charmaine & Michaels as they invited us for a 6:30pm dinner at their beautiful home to have some chat time. This is our last night in Hollywood. Actually it is 1/2 a mile from where David and I lived for 5 years before kids came along. It was such a lovely time to finally catch up with them ... always great conversation. We talked about getting Charmaine a gig here in Denver at Dazzle and perhaps some other Jazz Clubs here. I have some homework to do on that. She has been so busy fine-tuning her latest World CD that is just beautiful. It'll be released in November, but we got to listen to it over dinner.

Evan asked Michael if they could "jam" in the piano room with their guitars and they did just that. Michael is so fantastic with kids. (hint, hint Charmaine!!!!) This time was just precious with Charmaine on the piano, I did a few background vocals and the boys experienced a fantastic Hollywood Jam Session in their living room!!! How cool is that. Michael is a musician, but I think primarily a book writer. So some very creative genes in this house.

After jamming and dinner, we are heading over to Diamond Bar to spend the last night in So. Cal. at Debbies. I'll need to pick up the things that was passed down from my Grammy. Some beautiful tea cups, a crocheted blanket and a half done quilt...I quilt so I'll see what I can do with this. We head home Tuesday morning with two stops, St. George in Utah and Grand Junction in Colorado.

Brandon, Michael, Charmaine & Evan just before saying good-bye.

Me in Charmaine's video wig with sweet Ella. You had to take pictures with Ella quickly because she just couldn't stand for too long. Her legs are so weak as she is growing old and less mobile each day.

This is probably the last picture the boys will have with Ella. They both absolutely adore her...who doesn't, she is so sweet. Brandon holds feelings inside but Evan just burst into tears trying to leave Ella. We got in the van to leave and he lost it. Brandon told him to run outside and give Ella one last hug (she may not last a month or so) so he did and I'm so glad he did. He just can't imagine her gone soon. He was a wreck for a while that night and dreamed about her that night.

The boys liked me in this long hair. They asked why I don't grow it long. I said, "Go ask my last hairdresser why she cut it!!!!!!". I hate that she said I should cut it. I don't like it this short.

Ta Ta for now!

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