Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Letter From the Howletts ... from Ethiopia

Here is an email from our friends who are just leaving Ethiopia after picking up their baby girl. I know we will be going thru the emotions just like they are. When you are there, you pray that you won't forget what you saw .... I didn't when I was there in 2004 for 10 days. "T" is proof of that, but more needs to happen. Please read this ...

Lisa and David,

We just had the most incredible 2 days here in Ethiopia with Hannah Fanta (from Children's Heaven). She's an incredible woman who has taken us to all the major sites here in Addis. You need to make sure you give yourselves some time to spend with her. You won't regret it.

She took us to the Mercata (Market) which is unlike anything you will ever experience. It was incredible. We bought a lot of things for the Children's Heaven Auction that Shawn is spearheading in November. Hannah is traveling to Denver to participate. I'm sure Shawn will tap you to bring back some items for the auction as well.

We also went to the Leprosy/AIDS/Infectuous Diseases Hospital where Lepers spin their own cotton yarn and make some of the most beautiful linens and clothing you have ever seen. We bought quite a bit for the auction since the story behind their creation is so riveting.

We have an appointment for tomorrow to tour the Women's Fistula Hospital...which was recently featured on both Oprah and a BBC/PBS special. We met a few of the women there today and it will break your hearts.

Be prepared...because I don't think Lory and I were. There is so much need in this country.

Anyhow, David, we were hoping that you might be able to bring some of your video equipment and capture Hannah's ministry on film...and also to build greater awareness of the need here in Ethiopia. I know you and I are both entrepreneurial in nature and I'm sure your head, like mine, will be spinning with ideas for opportunities about how we as Americans can better help this nation that is in so much need.

I don't know about you, but I would love to start with Hannah's ministry and to build from there. I'm beginning to develop a heavy heart for this people and their government. Even though the government is considered corrupt by many, we're still so grateful for their willingness to let these children be adopted by so many other countries. You won't believe the number of people here...and primarily Europeans...that are adding kids to their families. You won't believe the amount of pure, unadulterated, unconditional love you will see exhibited by all of the other adopting families here. It is an experience like no other.

I'd better wrap up here, but bottom line is that we are moved and know you will be too. I would love for you to come here and to think about how the two of our families might work together going forward to minister to this wonderful nation.

On a more personal front, we are off to Sele Enat again tomorrow and we are planning on doing our best to get "T" sizing. We are planning to trace outlines of her feet on paper to provide you so that you can determine what size shoe she needs.

Amelia is fantastic and the most wonderful little child...she eats, she sleeps, she plays...everything a child her age should do. We just need to get some more meat on her bones.

I know I'm composing this email out of the emotion of the moment and can only pray that God will keep the fires burning once we return home...but I definitely want to do something to further build awareness of the needs and then to mobilize efforts to meet those needs. I hope you will consider doing so with us as well.

Here's to a wonderful adventure for you as well.

Dave and Lory

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