Sunday, July 27, 2008

"T" Minus 4 Days!

We leave in 4 days ... This Thursday! Ohhhhh Myyyyy GoooooooooOOOOOdness!

Who knew such a little person could cause so much "stuff to do"! It is amazing what has to get done just to get her home. I roughly counted at least 25 families/women who are helping us pull this off. It's true. Each person has played an integral part of this puzzle. In Africa, it literally takes a village to raise a child. I feel like that is what has been happening here. It is so beautiful what our friends and family have been encouraging us with ... their help, their words. This is such a new and special chapter of our lives and a new chapter for "T". She already has several play dates set up in the neighborhood, it is so cute.

My bedroom is the staging area for our packing. Everything is planned and will be ready to go. The Howletts who are with our agency just got back today with their little Amelia baby girl from the same orphanage as "T". I can't wait to talk to her in a day or so.

Each sleep gets us closer to her .... Nitey, Nite!

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Shere' said...

Hi sweetie, you are almost there!!!! Take it easy these last few days (I know that's easier said than done)so you stay well and rested. Don't forget to bring snacks like beef jerky, protein bars, crystal light packets for all the bottled water you are going to drink, (and something slinky for that 2nd honeymoon in Italy :-)