Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"T" minus 9 days!

"T" minus 9 days till be leave for Italy, then Addis Ababa.
"T" minus 18 days till be hold "T" in our arms only to NEVER let go.
"T" minus 27 days until she meets her 2 incredible and loving brothers who adore her.
"T" minus 5 minutes until I get my butt in gear on my TO DO list!!!!!

It's hard to believe that it's been 8 months and 3 weeks (see ticker on left sidebar) since we started this process. Now that I've read many other blogs and their stuggles and incredibly long process, I realize that this time frame that we've had is actually the best I've seen.

I read about families who've had to choose other countries to adopt from because the wait was too long and intense. I've read about other families whose child has died before they could get to them ... just rips my heart apart. I've read about a Mother who had gone into a sort of depression thru this process because it had been incredibly difficult what she'd went thru.

I feel so privileged, so grateful ... humbled, that my life and health afford us this opportunity to open our lives up for a daughter. Quite frankly, I've always been at peace with not having had a girl. My boys fulfill me as a Mother in so many ways. And now that we have this little baby girl coming ... my heart and mind has opened up in ways that I hadn't imagined before. This process is well worth it and although many women (and their families) have gone thru greater stress than I have to get their babies home, I know I speak on behalf of every woman out there who has adopted ... it is ALL worth it. Like having a bio child, once you have them home, you forget all that you went through. Just to look into "T"s eyes in just 18 days and know that I am her forever Mother, is absolutely priceless.

I'm still trying to get some pictures posted of her room. I haven't yet because whenever I go to take pictures of it, I have her clothes laid out, or someone slept in her bed the night before ... I'm shooting to have it picked up and tidy today, so that I can take pics today to post. Last night I slept in her bed and Brandon slept on the floor next to me ... we love her room. It helps us to feel closer to her. Her queen size bed is soooOOO comfortable. We didn't put a box spring below it so that it's low to the ground, but still so comfy. So you traveling folk back in California who plan to visit, we now have 3 very compfy queen size beds in this house for you to sleep in ... trust me, if they pass my "comfy-test" then they are good to go. I like to think our home is a great Bed and Breakfast for you to visit...taking reservations NOW!

Check list

Immunizations ....................... check! Ouch! But done.
Suitcases out ........................... check! HaaAAAAte packing!
"T"s room complete .............. check! LooOOOOve her room!
Flights scheduled ................... check! Still waiting for "T"s return confirmed!
Lisa's master list complete .... check! Hate this part!
Boys caretakers ...................... check! Thank you Nancy, Susanna, Lory, Janie!
House sitter ............................. check! Kayla rocks!
Orders fulfilled for business ...check! Thank you Zona from choir!
All hotels booked .................... check! All fantastic ... great job David!
20 year Anniv. celebration ... check! Here we come Italy!
Passports & Visas ................... check! Updated!

Ohhhhhhh .............. it's all happening!


Stephanie said...

I've been following your amazing journey ever since I came across your YouTube video of your announcement to your sons. So happy for you that meeting T is so close you can smell and taste it! I myself am finally getting around to filling out an application for a Kazakhstan adoption, it's taken a while for balls to get rolling but a little boy will be with us and our two daughters soon enough. Best wishes to you!!! This will be the beginning of the best of your life!

Lisa and David said...

I'm so glad you stopped by. Your video montages are beautiful. You are very creative and the pictures are gorgeous. I CAN in fact smell it and it is so close. We will meet "T" a week from Saturday. I can't believe it. I wish you smooth success with your process and your little boy will be in your arms very soon. Isn't this amazing?
All the best!

Amber said...

Whoo...hooo! I can't believe the time is here! I'm so happy for you!

Leah Reeves said...

You are sooooo close. Where are you staying in Addis? I hope you are able to post on your trip. I want to read about your days in Italy and Ethiopia with T.

Lisa and David said...

SooooOOO close, I know! We're staying at the Sheraton. It wasn't too much more than the Hilton, so since we're spending most of our time right in Addis and at the hotel itself, we liked the idea of having everything familiar and simple. I hear it's a really great place to stay and the staff help you in every way. We're gonna need it as we have NO flight out for "T"...yeah... you read that right. We're praying!