Monday, July 14, 2008

A Shower For "T"

Last night Caren from choir organized a baby shower for us. It was just wonderful!

Here are some pictures ...

This is my sweet friend Caren and her husband Chris who threw the shower for us.

Daryl & Jennifer ... they are as thrilled as we are about this!

We had been given this "Money Tree" with gift cards and cash on it! We will plant this in the back yard and never forget as it grows big like "T".

Sweet cards, sweet words & prayers

David and I ... feeling so much for our friends and this journey

Libby (my biker partner), her sweetheart Brian, Me and Stephanie from choir.

Libby gave this to us ... her Father made the barbie case, her Mother hand sewed all of the clothes and she gave it to "T" as a gift ... can you imagine? It is so cute. And I should have (maybe I still will later) taken a close up of Ken ... silver shoOOOOOrt shorts on with roller skates and a glittery jacket. Very 70's .... How unique is this gift?

Emily lent me a beautiful white crib, Debra my neighbor who is so excited ... actually every one of our friends are totally on this journey with us, and precious Genet who is Mesfin's wife and who just came back from ET with 15 min. of video of "T" for us


Tymm said...

hey there - thanks so much for the kind words posted on our site - looks like you guys are almost on your way!! Good luck and God bless you guys...

LISA said...

I Want your master list!!!
I love the barbie set!!

Kaleb Ashenafi Chase said...

Jen and Isaac...from IAN
I am actually tearing up as I read this blog. How wonderful it is to have such supportive people surrounding you on this journey. I believe you are en route to Italy now but congratulations. May God go with you on this journey to bring home your little princess.