Thursday, July 24, 2008

Her Room is Done ... Spoiled Already!

Have a peek ...

Flower rug ... yard sale for $7, but was given to me as a gift for "T" by the homeowner.

The bed and dresser is Evan's old (but actually is new) furniture, whereas Evan took Brandon's bedroom furniture.

The pink swag of material too was given to us from the yard sale lady. She was so thoughtful.

I love her dresser. She is too small to see on top, but I had to use what we had already. She can definitely grow into this furniture for years to come.

Love this lamp from American Furniture. See the tap shoes from Caren? Love, love, love them!

Emily loaned us her crib as long as "T" needs it. Then she'll transition into the Queen bed when she's ready. I'll sleep in the bed in her room (or David) until she is comfortable with us and by herself. I can't see ever leaving her room though.... but I'm sure I should.

I love this find at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was on sale, then I got 20% off of the sale price. I like to think it is she and I in the picture. Click on the picture to see it in better detail.

All those Pottery Barn pillows, again ... given to me at the yard sale by our neighbor Mom who I don't even know. She was moved to donate the items I chose as a gift for "T".

Her doll collection ... so far.

This brown and pink circled "security blanket" was given to "T" by my cousin Sharon in Calif. It is sooooOOOOO soft. "T" will love it on the plane home for comfort.

Evan and Brandon made her a welcome sign on her chalkboard. See her pink Bible? And we already have pictures of her future friends of ours already ... most on the board are Ethiopian too.

Should I take them all to pick her up? Aren't they adorable?

Puppy dog given to "T" by our neighbor Debra...thank you!

Catherine from choir threw this baby shower for us at Krista's gorgeous home.

Krista's home (second from L) These are the gals from the choir (sopranos) ... well, some of them. We have about 85 in the choir.

Pink! Pink! Pink! Give me more pink!!!

How cute is this!

My sweet friend Caren is moving to TExas. We shared the night.

This picture does not even show justice to how beautiful it was back there. I wish I got more pictures. What a beautiful night that was. I'm so grateful for these women.

Centerpiece ...


Mitchell Mischief said...

Her room is fit for a queen! You did a fantastic job decorating...putting so much thought and love into each piece. You will be such a great Mom to "T". She is blessed to have you and the boys as her family. God did a great job on this miracle!!!!! Love Ya!

Lisa and David said...

You would be the one to see this first and comment. I know you follow my blog just like I follow yours. Did you see you little mini-blanky? It looks great there doesn't it? We're almost there!
Hugs to you and yours,

LISA said...

I LOVE the room!!How wonderful all the things in it have meaning.
Can't wait for you to get her home!!
Oh yes,and please send me your MASTERLIST!!!
I am so anxious to get ya gone and back!!Are you going to post while in Ethiopia??

Lisa and David said...

Sending you Master List when it's complete. We plan on posting and should have no problem. But we're still not in full control of that.

Leah Reeves said...

I love her room. I can just imagine her eyes when she walks into to her new room.
Gabre's room is still not done. You are making me look bad....LOL

Lisa and David said...

I'm trying to email you my Master Packing List, but your email won't go thru. Is it Then I tried to email you directly from your email link on your blog.

Kaleb Ashenafi Chase said...

I love the room. How awesome it is to call out that princess in her in every part of her room. Just gorgeous.