Thursday, July 17, 2008

"T" minus 2 Weeks!

Just a quick post as it is late and I'm tired. It looks like our side trip to Italy will work out just fine. You couldn't know how excited I am, but you will when you see pictures posted of what we do and where we'll be. There is a family (The Howletts) in Tuscany right now (where we'll be in 2 weeks) who picks up their infant daughter in 3 days. Their baby is in the same orphanage as "T" and I'm trying to get a shoe size and if she's potty trained. They train them early there, like starting at 1 yr. old, so how many diapers should I bring just in case? Her shoe size would be really helpful cause I'm trying to pack like ... and the girl has got some shooooooes!

Tomorrow, I'll post pictures of the Shower that the Choir held for us, pictures of "T"s bedroom and the Big Red Wagon that David finished.

I'm in the middle of a ton of planning and organizing. With the boys starting school while we're gone, I've got to have that organized to with school supplies, registering them, where they will be before then and when school starts. Who will house-sit? Who will process our business orders? So much to do between now and then. It'll all get done and we'll be back before we know it, so I'm not wishing a single day away ...

... I'm living in the moment! All of them!

Nitey Nite :)


Deanna Jones said...

Hi Guys,

First off a very belated CONGRATS...I am so excited for you guys. Secondly, thanks a million for your amazing parenting tips/game etc. I am not kidding when I tell you that you have to put that either into a book called..."parenting games' or actually create a would be easier..and you could self publish it...I would buy it ..congrats regarding seeing happy...Deanna

Lisa & David said...

Thank you for your encouragement. I hope the ideas help cause when I was writing that, I was thinking "This girl is going to think I'm outta my mind ... I believe games and life lessons like that are so full of learning dynamics that there is something for everybody.

If you really liked the idea, I have more I can email you. I actually have the startings of a book that is chock full of 12 months worth of Family Things to do To Become a Stronger Family. Just say "the word" and I'll privately email that to you ... like you need it, I'm already highly impressed with your life. That's why I read your blog.

My favorite post of yours, well actually I have several favorites, but the one about you all in a hotel room and the floor becoming "dirty" and the other kids were oblivious watching TV while you and your son were having a meltdown. I totally got it!!