Monday, July 14, 2008

We have Embassy date ... we meet "T" in 4 weeks!!

Yes!!!!!!!!! We have our Embassy date of August 13th, which means we meet "T" in exactly 4 weeks from today. If our plans go as we'd like, we would leave in 2 1/2 weeks for a trip of a life time. August 11th will be her birthday as that is the day we will meet and hold her and kiss her sweet cheeks for the first time. She will be birthed into her new "Forever Family" on this day.

There is an incredible amount of things on my to do list at this point now that we know when we travel. We are trying to arrange to spend 8 days in Italy before the Embassy date, so waiting for our travel agency to call me back about that. Since we have not celebrated our 20 year anniversary (nor really our 5th, 10th or 15th anniv.) we really hope this works out that we could have this time to reflect on this monumental year from all directions.

Last night my friend Caren held a shower here at our home for "T" and I will post photos later and photos of her now finished room. You'll see my garage sale incredible finds in the pictures as well as this incredible pink fluffy jacket that Caren gave "T" is a show stopper...oh, and some tap shoes ... Caren is a dancer and a dance teacher, so she HAD to give her some tap shoes.

I'm off to plan ....


Amber said...

OH MY GOSH! that is so exciting. You must be so excited. I can't believe the day is already here. I can't wait to see T's room. It's also great that you and David will be able to spend some time together before expanding your family. Congrats!!!

Shere' said...

I can't stand it, I'm so excited for you! Where are you going in Italy? I lived and worked in Milano for 2 months during my make-up artist days. Will you be hitting the coast at all like Positano or Portofino? My all time fave is Venice but Florence is pretty spectacular too. How much fun are you in for!!! And the cherry on top is when you hold your darling girl for the first time!!
Big hug!!

Mitchell Mischief said...

Praise God!! The time has finally arrived. I hope you planning is smooth and hassle free. I'll bet your arms are itchin' to hold her. BIg hug to all of you!!! Love ya

Leah Reeves said...

I am sooooo happy for you. You are going to have the trip of your life. I cannot wait to see new pictures of T