Friday, July 11, 2008

A Shower For "T"

I loooOOOve finding cute little things for "T"

This Sunday, my friend Caren has organized a baby shower to be thrown for us and "T". This is so sweet and thoughtful. Then on Thursday, the choir is doing a Shower for us as well at Krista's beautiful home. We have been so blessed to have the love and thoughtfulness of so many people since this adoption began. Bags of clothes given to us (pink cowboy boots included), a crib loaned until she transitions to her bed, baby showers, prayers all around, playdates already planned.....Caren said the cake for Sunday is a "Princess" cake. I said, "Of course it is!!!!!" She's our Ethiopian Princess and always will be. And ... how cute is this, the cake is chocolate and vanilla.

So, I really look forward to Sunday's Baby (or rather toddler) Shower for a very special little girl. I'm still working on her room, more today. I'm having all the carpet cleaned today and then working on the kids bathroom (a beach & shells theme to remind us of So. Cal) and more work om "T"s room. I'll post pictures of it when I'm done.

Sunday is all about "T". In the morning we are attending our ET church where 2 of my friends in the choir will meet us. For lunch time, we were invited to a traditional Ethiopian lunch at a new friends home here in our community. David met them a while ago at Fatburger and they were so kind to remember us and invite us ... they are Ethiopian living here for many years with 2 boys around 9 and 6 yrs. old. Then in the evening it is "T"s shower.

Move over Sadie, there is a new Princess coming to town. Prepare to give up the crown!

Father's Day with my sweetheart

Father's Day ... David and Brandon

Lately, I seem to have one very similar thread of thoughts going on in my mind on a regular basis....."Our life is so rich" . I'm just so grateful for all that I have ...

  • I love that I have my health
  • I love working in our yard
  • I love creating memories
  • I love getting pedicures!!!!
  • I love going to sleep at night cause that is when I get to dream of "T" in my arms and I look into her eyes to try and see behind them
  • I love it when my boys smile ... it lights up the room

I love the memories that David will create pulling "T" to the ice cream store. David restoring our family wagon for "T"s home-coming

  • I love that my husband is passionately interested in me
  • I love the Spring time and what is promises
  • I love my new hairdresser that doesn't tell me I'm hanging on to my youth with my hair longer than my shoulders
  • I love it when a friend acts spontaneously and hits a movie with me in the middle of the day
  • I love laying on "T"s bed and thinking of what it'll be like having her muck around this big house
  • I love Christmas time with children
  • I love sitting in our front room, fire on, cappuccino in hand and the snow falling outside
  • I love my morning cappuccino sitting in our front patio under the Aspen tree
  • I love the Ethiopian culture of close family, it inspires me
  • I am so grateful to be able to come home from Costco with tons of food and things that remind me of how "rich" this country is
  • I love our new home and what it means to me
  • I love having movies in our basement and not spending $40 in the movie theater
  • I love the butterflies I get as I count down the days to when "T" comes home
  • I loved last night on the deck laughing with Evan about a surprise I did for him while tossing my baton up in the air. He thinks I'm really good at that. I actually am!!!
  • I love my new PedEgg (ladies if you are not hip to this, it is a miracle find for $9.99...get it NOW)
  • I love riding my motorcycle on a warm day through downtown Denver with my husband thinking of where we want to stop for dinner.
  • I love being in church where I know everyone is like minded and wanting for the same thing as I do ... a closer relationship with God and what He has to offer
I could absolutely go on and on, but how rich are we that we have so much to be thankful for. What are YOU thankful for?


Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I love reading your blog. Sometimes I think I want your life :-)
Of course nothing is better than having beautiful Lana in mine, but you just always seem to be having so much fun! Oooh, I can't wait till you travel. More fun! More fun!

Lisa & David said...

Hey Shere,
You are so cute ... come visit me and we'll live my life together. Heck, I lived yours for 4 days. I can't wait to share more with you.


Amber said...

I'm thankful for so much! Pretty soon you will have one more family member to be thankful for!