Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today's Guest Blogger.......Brandon.

Hi, this is Brandon. I'll be 13 in March. I am so excited to see the girls and I've been dreaming about them every day. I dream about how I can protect them from other people or mean kids. And it feel good to be the older brother for them to look up to. I just recently watched a documentary about Africa and it looked horrible the way some of these lives are. Especially when there was war and people had to leave their homes and family. The documentary is called, "God Grew Tired Of Us".

I've also watched video at school about how the children were forced to become soldiers. I can't wait to have my new sisters here and adopt them because I feel like we will be giving them a better life and opportunity to start fresh. However much money it is costing to adopt them, it's all worth it to me.....(even though I'm not paying for it).

The day they come home, as soon as I see them, I want to jump with them on the trampoline and push them on the swing. I also want to show them their new bedroom, which is my room right now. And I want to show them our cat, Sadie and show them how to play with her. I'm excited to see their faces when they see our house. Recently, I've had a toy gun around and because of the violence over there, I've thrown that in the trash. I didn't like the way it looked knowing they were going to be here when I've just seen a movie about so much violence with guns there and children. I didn't want that in the house.


Shere' said...

Wow, your sons are great writers. That is so precious that they are excited to have 2 new sisters and want to take care and protect them. What great husbands and fathers they will be someday.
Good job, Lisa!

Debbie said...

You sound like you will be a great big brother!! Your sisters will be blessed to have you as their brother!!


Lisa W. said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. I know that the boys spirits are lifted when they are recognized in such a beautiful way. Thank you for encouraging them.