Sunday, January 13, 2008

The First Class

Yesterday's first adoption class was really fantastic. The first portion was taught by a very informative clinician and the last hour by our own lovely (and surprisingly funny) social worker that WE'VE been working with for our Home Study. There were about 22 people attending who were adopting from different countries. Four other couples were adopting from Ethiopia. We met all of them and went to lunch with 1 couple from Boulder. Our lunch with them was filled with really great conversation and I'm sure we're going to keep in touch with all 4 of the couples. The meeting showed a video documentary called "Outside Looking In" which was about a black child adopted by white parents in the 1970s and raised in a predominantly white suburb. It was a very honest account of his life from the perspective of himself (who produced it) as an adult male. I highly recommend every one of you to watch this! It will open your eyes to how important it is to never deny the race of your adoptive child and how you MUST stay connected to their culture and keep their heritage alive. Really fantastic film.

All the topics covered were helpful and I can see how much research findings have changed since I had a baby 11 years ago. I really look forward to the remaining 4 classes. Another couple we met is in the same place as we are and blew me away with how much "on top of" the paperwork she is. I thought I was good about being organized and getting paperwork pushed...but this gal sent in one of her forms with baked cookies in hopes of expediting the process, which I believe she accomplished. (Can you imagine doing such a thing? I am so sure. Note to self: pick up more chocolate chips and flour!) We're using the same Home Study rep and now I believe she and I are in competition to see who can bake the best and fastest, most amazing cookies to get our rep, Susie, to complete our Home Study first. All I know is that Susie likes me best (sorry Laurie) and I'm sure that she will put our Home Study report above Lauries no matter what she bakes!!!! ;)

All of the couples were so precious and loving. It is nice to see how people have such wonderful and open hearts for these children in 3rd world countries. It is such a wonderful thing to do!

I'm off to bake......


Amber said...

It's very exciting that you have taken yet another step closer to getting your girls. Your in our prayers.

Amber & Rick

Lisa W. said...

Yes, it is very exciting. EVERY step is good, isn't it? You have come so far yourself from your first thoughts to doing it now. Did I get your blogsite address yet? I'm so forgetful, forgive me.
Lisa ;)