Friday, January 11, 2008

First Of Five Adoption Classes

Tomorrow we go to our first of five adoption classes that are required by law. International requirements are 24 hours and domestic is only 16 hours. So five hours tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it because anything that has to do with our adoption and moving closer to getting them home is good for me. This is what they will cover tomorrow...

  • Parenting a child of different culture/racial background
  • Culture and Identity
  • Multi-culture family
  • Understand social /medical history information
  • Culture background and history of the child
  • Sign language with baby
  • Infant care including basic care and feeding, shaken baby syndrome
Should be fun!


Debbie said...

Just saw your blog, Let us know how the classes are. We are praying about adopting a little girl from Ethiopia, We have a 3 yr old daughter from Guatemala and 3 bio kids, 2 of which are married. But its great!!!

God bless!
Debbie Wankel

sarahgoeken said...

I first heard of your story on You tube and was so touched at your boys reaction. I am following your story and hope things move fast for your family so you can bring your little ones home. Cant wait to read more.
May God Bless your Family
Sarah Goeken

Lisa W. said...

The class today was really helpful. Solidifies what we should be aware of with adopting a child of a different race. Really helpful info.

Lisa W. said...

I'm glad you found us on Youtube and checking out our journey. It's so funny you say that 'cause at our class today, we went out to lunch with one other couple who talked about a youtube clip of boys finding out too...and we all had a good laugh when they found out that it was OUR boys on that clip. Small world. Thank you for your warm wishes.

Debbie said...

I just watched the You tube too and cried and cried!!! Oh my goodness my kids were excited but not like that!! I am so happy for your family!!


Lisa W. said...

Ohhhhhh! Good to hear your kids were excited about your adoption too. Isn't it fun to tell them? We are probably not taking them with us topick up the girls, but it's on our minds if we should. We know that this is going to be a powerful week when we're there. Not sure!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog last month and I'm so excited for you!
Question: are these adoption classes specifically required by your state or is this standard for any US citizen requesting adoption?
Thanks, and God Bless.
(Now I'm off to find your story on You Tube!)
Carissa in Alabama

Lisa W. said...

Hi Anonymous (Carissa in Alabama),
Our classes are mandatory for the state of Colorado. We have to take 24 hours of classes in order to complete the requirements. Good luck to you and stay in touch.