Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dossier......Almost Done!

I am at a great place with the Dossier. I've completed all of my Home Study requirements such as the documents needed and copies and blah, blah, blah. I'm only 2 referrals shy of the Dossier from my good friends Terry in Texas and Debbie in Diamond Bar, CA. I'll probably get those on Friday so I can go straight to the agency and go over it with my new friend Aneata at the agency. She doesn't know it, but yes, she's my new friend. We both love looking at all of the new pictures that come across her desk of these Ethiopian children. So if the agency gives me the OK to proceed, I believe the next steps are I take it or mail it to our Department of State (which is right here in the city) and have it "Certified". Then I get it back, and mail it to Washington for "Authentication". Then from there, Washington ships it off to Ethiopia for their approval and authorization. Of course anything can happen with the paperwork in between like I could have wrong documentation or whatever. I always leave room for mess ups along the way.....although so far it's been a pretty smooth process for us.

Once my paperwork stuff is off my hands, it'll just be the waiting and fingers crossed and prayers prayed that everything in Ethiopia goes smooth. Once they find our girls, they must verify that they are fact true orphans or at the orphanage with the families legal approval. Even if I get our referrals soon, I'm not sure if I can post them right away. If I can, I absolutely will post them. I really can't wait to be done with this paperwork though. Then I can move on to doing more things around the house that will prepare us for the girls. David's business has been doing really well, so that means that I'm shipping more orders daily and handling more emails and requests. We hope that it gets too busy for me that we have to hire someone to take over what I do.

Really, emotionally, I've not yet let this all sink in. I've been too preoccupied with the legalities and formalities. I look forward to the moment when I can exhale.


Christin and husband said...

You have inspied me and been such a blessing, so many of your thoughts have been my thoughs. No one really knows how my husband and I feel about adopting from Ethiopia...but when I read your blog it brought joy to my hear because there are other people out there that are listening to God and adopting. I would love to keep intouch..that way I have a friend that knows how I feel and you are a head of my husband and myself to you could help with question..I hope!!!:) Hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Christin and husband said...

oh and I type fast and do check my typing so sorry for the mix up in some words!!!:)