Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm a Closet Hair Stylist!

The other night we colored and cut Brandon's hair. He goes back and forth with wanting it long, then he gets bored and we make a change. So he gave me permission to go for it and we did. I've been cutting their hair since they were babies and save lotsa money ... which then goes into my hair color and cuts ... and that ain't cheap.

Before we moved to Colorado from California, I had seriously contemplated getting my license. But it was after I'd done a few friends hair at my home when I discovered that my back couldn't take standing and bending for that long and had decided against it. I was so excited to go for it and start doing hair! But ultimately it would not have worked! So, I play around with my 3 guys' hair dos and can't wait to get my hands on my 2 girls' hair. Huuuuge learning curve with the girls, but I'm up for it.


We go back and forth now about hair product and actually putting it in. The product makes all the difference in the world. I think he looks great! He really likes it too ... particularly the color in it! Shelly....how does it look?


Front...so handsome!!


Debbie said...

I like his hair!! Very good job!! We did a girls coloring day not too long ago and we colored my daughters friends hair and put streaks in my daughters hair!! I love doing that too!!


Lisa W. said...

Isn't that fun? We save lotsa money, hah? I bet the girls had a blast!

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