Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Almost there!!

So tomorrow I'm driving my Dossier docs to the city to drop off and be CERTIFIED. Then apparently I can pick them up the next day. I just found out today that out of state documents need to be certified in the state that they originated in. So 3 docs need certification in California and Texas. I'll see if that can be expedited some how. Still waiting for 1 doc for the Home Study from California. Now that I think of it, does that too have to be certified once I get that back? Darn. This is never ending!!!! But I did see some incredibly cute baby and toddler pictures while I was at the agency. None of which were for our family, but just adorable and you just want to hug them!

It can be mid February when the entire Dossier goes to Ethiopia. Wow! That is fantastic. Probably Shawn and Lory are right with me there. We're now at our 3rd trimester of "Paper Pregnancy" and that is when you start nesting. Which I know I'll be out linen closets, rearranging Brandon's room and buying new furniture for the girls room. And we just bought Brandon a new bedroom set. The Queen bed of which I don't think will fit in his new bedroom. The girls I've decided with the lovely guidance of my friend Monica in Alhambra confirmed with me that twin beds are the best instead of bunk beds. The trouble with bunk beds, is that when you want to tuck them in at night and have sweet cuddles and lovely conversations, the child in the top bunk loses out. Not fair. So it's twin beds with a fabulous African theme....but not too out there African. This girl stuff is all new to me. Shouldn't be too hard....I was a little girl once!


Debbie said...

You will make it!! I had fun when I decorated Heidy's room and we did it for two so when do adopt from Ethiopia, they will share a room. We too have twin beds. You can have a peak.... (specifically the room)


Lisa W. said...

Thanks for commenting. I took a peak at your daughter's room and it is so much fun. I want that room! Your daughter, Heidi is it, is so beautiful. I love her long dark hair. Your blog is fun too...I'll have to look over it some more with my morning coffee.