Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Few More Steps.....Whew!

Everything I need for the Dossier is done as far as I know. I've done everything on the list. So tomorrow I hop over to my agency to look it over with someone just to make sure. My Home Study is done, it just needs to be sent to my agency for them to look over.

I feel like there might be a form or two missing that I see other people talk about. So I'm curious to see where I am truly. I'm really excited about the fact that there may be 2 other couples going at the same time as David and I and are at the same place as we are with this process. That would be really fantastic. Lory and Shawn...we need to work that out!!

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SDR said...

Hopefully ANEATA will work that out!!! Yes, it would be great. All we need is our referrals. Let me know how your meeting today goes.