Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friends Return Back to Texas ... Monday Day 7

Boys First Day of School ... Visitors Return Home!

This Summer has been full of wonderful times and memories. I haven't been updating our blog regularly, but that's just how busy we've been. I enjoy writing (not just posting) so hopefully now I can get back into it as we enter a new Season of all sorts.

We welcome friends and family always ... we always have room for you so please start planning now for a visit any time of year. The snowy time is November thru March and the wonderful Summer days with all the colors out are May thru October. Still color in November but it is starting to fall and the weather gets colder. We hope you all have had an amazing Summer too....

First day of Middle School and High School. Big day for all.

This is Nick's picture from Terry's camera. Nick and Brandon both play guitar really well. But I'm a bit sad that we didn't get to hear any while they were here. We were all just so incredibly busy and happy.

Nice Guitar Nick!

Goodbye's are hard, but all the more reason to stay in touch and visit often. These kids will know each other forever.

Sabrina, Tigist and Nicholas say goodbye.


Amber said...

Just checking in...Looks like you have had a great summer!

Lisa and David said...

Yes, Amber we have had a great Summer. So so busy and now back to routine which is so nice. I must check out YOUR updates now.