Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friends Visit From Texas ... Saturday Day 5

Although tomorrow is officially the day of Tigists (given) birthday, we celebrated it today, Saturday August 8th. Tomorrow will be exactly one year since we saw her beautiful face in front of us for the very first time. Today is a very special day for all of us.

For Party Favors, I thru these balls out in the yard. Except I forgot to tell some people to take them home as the left. Oooops!

We had guests from lots of places ... neighbors, from church, from the adoption group, from Texas ... we have such great friends and our neighbors are the best around.

The bounce was huge and the kids played in it for hours.

Elena & Marcel who live up the street.

Jonathan (Brandi's son)

One of Brandi's daughters

Brandon gave motorcycle rides

Catherine (from choir at church) and her husband enjoying some food. The day was really great ... Catherine helped us cook some hot dogs and burgers. Her daughter Olivia like to have playdates.

We met JanMarie and Alex in the city in front of this fantastic cake store. Now we are friends.

Brandi & Travis' newly adopted daughter, Addison. Her twin brother is Joshua ... who is equally gorgeous.

JanMarie & Alex talking with David.

Elena's boys who live up the street.

Nicole is waiting to pass court any time now for her daughter from Ethiopia

The Akin twins ... Addison & Joshua. Home now for almost 2 months.

Friends & neighbors

Playing horseshoes game ...

Aman is always there to help his girl ...

Our wonderful pine provides hours of shade in the back.

Mesfin & Genet with Aman

Time for the Pinata!

Waiting so patiently

Sabrina, Brandon & Nick.

Time to sing Happy Birthday! I also made 2 dozen cupcakes as I was unsure how many people were coming.

Can we eat it NOW????

Mesfin, Genet and I

Ohhh! Time for the presents

Can I open this one now, Mommy?

Nana and Pop from Australia sent this Kangaroo over for her birthday. They are so amazing about keeping up with birthdays and prezzies & cards. I've lots to learn from them.

She loves this life size roo!

Our friend China

A build a bear from the Webb family! Everybody was so sweet to bring such thoughtful gifts.

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Stephanie and Gary said...

What a beautiful birthday party and beautiful surroundings in which to celebrate! Tigist is precious and your cake and cupcakes, Food Network-worthy!!