Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Northern California Road Trip 2009

We stayed in Santa Cruz at a wonderful beach house. My cousin Kristi lives there.

Robbie, Kristi, their kids Gavin and Bella at our beach house where we stayed for a week.


We then stayed at a big hotel in Reno on the way up and back while visiting my Uncle Denny. My Aunt Kathy had given us a birthday cake for Tigist so we took it with us on the road. We asked total strangers to sing Happy Birthday to her by our pool cabana.

Tigist's birthday cake by the cabana. A little smashed up, but so good!

We had lots of fun by the pool. I played so much guitar the tips of my fingers were numb.

My Dad's brother, Uncle Denny with Tigist. This is at his wife's Gun Club (Sage Hill Gun Club) in Reno, NV.

Uncle Denny and I at the Gun Club.

Brandon shooting clay targets at the gun club.

Uncle Denny and Brandon


Uncle Denny, Brandon and Evan

Getting ready to shoot

Brandon .... so happy he has a gun in his hand.

Evan was so bruised from the shot gun kicking back on his arm.

Evan's shooting bruise

At the end of our entire trip, we had driven 65 hours and over 3100 miles. We had a fantastic time.

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