Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friends Arrive From Texas ... Tuesday Day 1

The Gallinas arrive for a week long visit from Frisco, Texas. The kids are jumping out of their skin. The Gallinas were our neighbor 2 houses down from us when we both lived in Chino Hills, CA. Terry moved 6 months before we decided to move and we both can't believe we moved from Southern California. We grew up in the same school area and were good friends for 5 years. The cool thing is that both our kids were the same age and they had become very good friends too ... so that is just icing on the cake.

Since moving to 2 different states, we've actually developed a closer relationship.

They arrived in the evening so we whipped up some quesadillas for the kids to eat.

Nicholas and Brandon. This is the most we saw them in the next 6 days. They became invisible. And their vocabulary was little to none with us adults. They got on like a house on fire!

Sabrina is Evan's bestest friend. He played his youtube song for her singing (click here) "Hey There Sabrina" instead of "Hey There Delilah".

They brought Tigist a gift of Dora big girl underwear and a wonderful pink backpack.
Terry planned this trip especially to be here for Tigist's birthday and to meet her for the first time. Terry was one of my biggest supporters throughout this adoption and she celebrated with me every step of the way. She followed our blog and knew all of the ups and downs that we'd went THAT is a true friend. I loved sharing it all with her.

The four kids ... Nick, Sabrina, Evan & Brandon as they just arrived at our house.

In front of our house

These boys got so big. Nick (14) is 6'2". Brandon is 6'8"

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