Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friends Visit From Texas ... Wednesday Day 2

A full day of fun for the kids AND for Terry and I ...

The kids were dropped off at Elitch Gardens for a day full of fun,

... while Terry and I hopped in the jag and spent the day in the city exploring, eating, laughing, talking ... It was a great day for a convertible ride. We threw on some sunscreen and away we went. We knew the kids were in good hands and we were now doing what we'd wanted to do for years ... have a whole day together with no interruptions from the world!

Larimer Square is a one block fabulous place to eat, sit, have a glass of wine or shop. It is rich in history founded in 1858.

Larimer Square ... Lime Restaurant

In a courtyard in Larimer Square

Terry in the courtyard in Larimer Square

Downstairs is Lime Restaurant where we ate dessert before heading off to a movie.

Larimer Square

Larimer Square

Larimer Square

Downtown Denver. The big blue bear peaking into the Convention Center

It's pretty huge

The State Capitol Denver

Some of these pics we took from the convertable so they are just that we were too lazy to get out of the car to take a proper photo. That's the kind of day we had.

Drinking ice tea on 16th street Mall

16th street Mall. This mall is a one mile long walking mall on both sides with a free tram every 2 minutes in case you get tired of walking.

Kate Mullins Restaurant at 16th street Mall

We stopped at Gaylord Street for breakfast at Devil's Food. This restaurant has excellent organic food and coffee and sooO good. We didn't even need to eat lunch after that.

Terry ... since you left, I've yet discovered even more wonderful places to take you when you return!! (hint, hint) Save your $$$$

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