Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friends Visit From Texas ... Thursday Day 3

Today we took a drive thru the Rockies on a route called "The Lariat Loop" Historical & Scenic Byway.

Brandon and Nick stayed home alone and made a home made "Talk-Box" like the one Bon Jovi uses and Peter Frampton made popular in the 80s.

Just some cute animals along the way. What is this anyway?

We packed a picnic lunch and ate cheese and crackers along the way while the kids snacked on chips and drinks too. We stopped here along the loop to view this fabulous river.

Me and Tigist

Me, Tigist, Sabrina & Evan


We took the Coors Brewery Tour in Golden. They let you sample 3 large glasses of beer, which was so good after the tour. It was fresh, cold and ohhh so yummy.

Sabrina (with Dr. Pepper, not beer), Terry and Evan

Evan, Sabrina and I

The kettles brewing the hops and stuff ...

We met them in line waiting for the bus to arrive. They were bikers just on their way back to Orange County (our old stomping grounds) from South Dakota's Sturges Motorcycle weekend.

Coors Brewery, Golden, CO

Coors Brewery, Golden, CO

Waiting in line to get into the brewery

Red Rocks, near the Red Rocks Amphitheater

Behind them is where people park for the outdoor theater.

Sabrina at the Red Rocks Gift Shop

Outside of the Gift Shop

Just gorgeous views. These rocks were pushed up millions of years ago (give or take a few hundred years)

In between these two slabs is the Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver. This is 20 minutes from my home.

We drove even deeper into the Rockies to look for the Buffalo (actually they are Bison here). I'd heard (get it ... herd???) about them for years and just now got to see them up close.

They were far away, but within 10 minutes they had come all the way to the fence.

They're getting closer

Just gorgeous

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