Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friends Visit From Texas ... Sunday Day 6

We have no pics from today. I think we're all pictured out. We went to our church, SouthEast Christian in Parker and then to lunch at Park Meadows Mall area. Ate at The Grand Lux Cafe (fabulous decor) and the kids hung out at the mall together.

Later, Terry and I went to Indulge Wine Bar and Tappas up the street and lounged on outdoor sofas in the back. We drank a "flight" of wine of our choice and shared an amazing steak meal with salad.

We thought we'd be out for an hour, but it turned out to be several. We love this restaurant.

Terry and her family leave tomorrow ... it has been a really great amount of time and everybody is ready to get back to a routine of school, work and home life. But truly, I can't wait until the next time they come. Or when we go to their home.

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