Thursday, September 10, 2009

Denver's Hidden Gems ... Snooze!

We stumbled upon this really fantastic restaurant popular for their breakfasts, pancakes and long waits. They say it's worth it ... my take, I waited for quite a while now twice, so I guess it is worth the wait. Apparently there are several locations and a new one even closet to me. But any reason to get into the city is fine by me. Back in L.A. to get into the city I had to make a day out of it only because of traffic to and from even though "as the eagle flies" it's only 25 min. drive into downtown L.A. But my new city affords me so many more trips into town and I'm always finding new cool places to jot down and try again next time I'm in town.

I know if a place is worth it by how nice the coffee is. I've GOT to have my morning coffee, so that is how I rate places for breakfast. This place is coffee-worthy!

Inside is really cool ... there are 2 sections, front and back. Truly contemporary decor and the place very trendy.

The waiting area that surprisingly is clear at this time. David and I just left eating breakfast, so I think it's really trendy for mornings mostly. I would highly recommend breakfast here.

Just a reminder of our Tuscan trip last year and the acres and hills filled with gigantic sunflowers. This little corner around Snooze was only a tast of Italy though. (Sigh)

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