Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year ... 2008!

We feel that 2007 has been good to us and we are expecting great things for the new year. Here are just a few random photos of Christmas...

I just love the way the snow lays perfectly on everything. And when you look at it at night when a light shines on it, it sparkles if it's not real or part of a movie set.

This Aspen tree is barren now, but in the Spring it will quickly start it's foliage of it's stunning leaves. I'm so glad that the previous owners planted lots of trees early on. Our family is benefiting from their efforts.

Our friends, Deron & Monica from Los Angeles were so thoughtful in planning part of their Christmas Vacation with us. It was hard letting them go, but I know we will see each other often. Their baby boy was so much fun to have in the house...and so adorable!

For those of you cat owners, you know that whatever is going on in the house that is new, that is where the cat will be. She loves the sound of paper and ribbon and stood guard next to the wrapped presents for me so that the boys didn't see. She's a very loyal friend.

Again, Sadie was the loyal guard of the presents. Check out her night vision!

The boys on Christmas morning...

Brandon's new hobby...sculpting

Not bad for his very first bust sculpting. No, this is not me. Well, maybe in the mornings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, your house looks so beautiful! It looks like you had a fab Christmas.
Happy New Year!

Gabe said...

Hi Lisa
I love the pictures. What a beautiful tree and Deron and Monica look so happy. God bless all of you as we begin a new year. There's a lot to look forward to and I'm excited to hear the details.
Love to David, Brandon, Evan and you, keep making it happen, Terry

Lisa W. said...

Happy New Year to you too. We did have a wonderful Christmas. We miss family for sure, but we focus on each other and just being together. hapy New Year to you and yours too!

Lisa W. said...

Hi Terry,
I love that you're reading the blog. Hey, maybe we could get you to start one so you can share your new life with all of your out of state friends and family?? Something to think about...I can help you get it up and is so SO easy. Think about it. Yes, Deron and Monica are a gorgeous couple. Her baby is due I think in July. You'll see them in Aug. if you come to our celebration..and hopefully (fingers crossed and prayers answered) the girls may be home too!!
Oh boy! Keep the comments coming, I love 'em.