Thursday, December 13, 2007

Adoption Creed/Our Children's Creed

I thought this was beautifully and simply said. You can click on any image and it will enlarge to see it better.

Our family has a family mission statement and each of our boys has a creed that we made up years ago. Experts say that having a statement that you repeat which is positive and empowering really does something in the brain and certainly for the soul.

A creed is a statement of one’s beliefs. When memorized and repeated on a regular basis, it strengthens these beliefs. By repeating this creed, a child begins to understand who they are and what is important to them.

Our children's creed goes like this…

"My name is Evan (full name) and I love God and all His creations. Therefore, I am compassionate and truly care about the feelings of others. I begin every day with thanksgiving in my heart and a clear decision to do what is right. I walk my path encouraging others with truth, love and understanding.”

When they mess up in their day or in their decisions, we have them repeat that part of the creed and question whether or not they were true to themselves. It's very powerful!


Marg Evans said...

What lovely wording!! Your idea of having a family mission statement and one for each child is such a great idea!!! I agree that repeating a powerful, inspiring statement at the beginning of the day sets your heart on the right focus - something I only learned as an adult. What a gift to inspire your kids to begin it early.

Marg Evans

Lisa said...

Hi Marg,
Yes, I agree. I too wish I had some positive reinforcement in my life as a young girl. What a difference it can make in a child's life perhaps where there is no encouragement at all.