Friday, December 7, 2007

Brandon's Big Test Today....on Africa!

Today in school, Brandon has a big test on all of the countries in Africa. For sure he knew where Ethiopia was...I made sure of that. But he left this morning after getting up early to study some more, knowing all of the countries and where they were. There are 54...that is a lot to remember. So he gets scored from 1 to 4. And 4 being an A. Yesterday the whole class clapped for him cause he got a 4 on the Southern Countries in Africa test. This is not usual for him, so the acknowledgment was well deserved. I work every day with him. Last night he stayed up till 10:30...way past his bedtime. He's not so much motivated on his own, so I've got to push him. And when he does well, his face lights up. The teachers are so very patient with him. We're looking for a B average this quarter so he can move into his new room downstairs.

Today I should be receiving a hand made silver necklace that I ordered. I wanted to have something I could have near me each day so that I can feel connected somehow to them. The necklace is handmade by a lovely lady named Tracey here where we live whose daughter is adopting from Ethiopia too. The proceeds go to her daughters fund raising for her adoption. It is all silver and in the shape of Africa with a chiseled out heart in the middle. I can't wait to have it in my hands. You can see it at her online store here.

Getting boys Doctors apmts out of the way today. It is part of some lingering things due for the Home Study write up. So I had to scramble to find new practices here...Dentist, Pediatrician, Family Doctors, Foot Doctor, My doctor....thank God for neighbors who had already done the work for me and gave me their referrals. Mum would appreciate that all of our doctors are on the premises of Skyridge Hospital. We know that place pretty well. It's actually a very beautiful hospital. I'll also ask the Pediatrician today about having a one on one with him when I get the girls pictures and medical history. I'd like a local opinion of what their situation is from what he can see in the picture and their medical history. It'll be good to be prepared for them here. It's interesting...I am reading other blogs of women who are many steps ahead of us and are picking up their children now or in January. It's exciting to follow their journey day by day and share in their excitement. I remember several milestones in my life that were surreal. And they did come and they did happen. So this is just another one of those experiences that I can't imagine happening, but I know that it will. Wow!

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