Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not Done Yet!

Last night we had our last Home Study visit. And although this is still just the beginning, we are moving along. I'm still waiting on documents and just "stuff". Once all of my documents arrive and the Case Worker has them, she can then write it up and be done with THAT half of the Dossier. In the meantime, I keep working on Dossier stuff.

Not done yet, but necessary to get closer to our girls.

And speaking of "Not Done Yet"...last night after we worked on putting up Christmas ornaments on the tree, I went back into the kitchen to see if the brownies were cool enough to slice up and put onto a pretty plate to serve. I found the entire brownies just thrown onto a plate with a spatula sitting in the pan and brownie bits on the floor. It looked so funny cause they weren't sliced into my nice little squares, but just looked like a big chocolate mess. They were still warm and not really ready to take out. David and I saw this at the same time and our mouths dropped open with a "What?! What happened here?" We couldn't imagine why (and I knew it was Evan) he would have done this. Evan was nowhere to be found and Brandon does not eat chocolate so I knew it wasn't him. I burst out laughing like, what was he thinking? What if this wasn't for our family? DAvid called for him to come down and he did....very sheepishly. He looked at me and saw my questionable face and saw DAd and started to explain. We said, "No. Sit down". I was in the kitchen trying really hard to keep from laughing in front of him 'cause he was suppose to be in trouble, right? David saw my face turned and my shoulders moving up and down and at this point, tears were streaming down my face...from laughing so hard. I walked away and David said, "See, Mom is so upset. Look what you've done?" Evan started to cry and David would not let him explain. He finally got to explain and he said, "I didn't even have any. I was trying to make it look nice on the plate and the spatula was too big so they came out all messy and fell apart". I finally looked at Evan and said, "Honey, I'm not mad, I was actually laughing cause it was so funny and cute." He was relieved and not too happy that we let him go thru those emotions.

Oh my gosh! I love when those things happen, because they just remind you of how much they are still learning and how, like the brownies, they are "Not Done Yet".


Mitchell Mischief said...

Hi Cuz, How wonderful to find that you have a blog spot and even more to find out what it is for. What a blessing. I look forward to following the progerss of my two new 2nd cousins. I'm glad to get your email address as I didn't have it and mine has changed. Kristi forwarded this link. We have a blog spot too www.5mitchells.blogspot.com. Glad to hear that you are happy and the Lord is working His miracles in your lives. Please give your family a hug. When you get a chance please forward your home address to me so I can send you your Christmas card. LOVE YA!!!!

Lisa W. said...

Hi Sharon,
Really great to hear from you and know that you have a blog too. I really should have figured that one out knowing you. I can't wait to go to your site and read it.

Miss you, love you...