Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Step Closer

This picture is of 2 gorgeous is the big rock, the other is my handsome other rock!

When my cell phone rings and it says IAN (my adoption agency) I get excited 'cause you just want news that you are moving forward. Our FBI fingerprints have come back, which is sooner than expected. I love that. When I was on the phone with her, I was in Whole Foods Grocery Store and my 10 & 12 year old sons were running, fast, through the check out area. And this was after I told them 3 times not to. My imagination got the best of me and I thought, "Hey, now that the files say that we have clean records, I could have my way with the boys and it won't show up with the FBI". My plan was soon thwarted by my credit card not going through the first time and dragged me back to reality. My plan B was that they had to "write a page" of what they did and how next time they'd listen....blah, blah, blah is really all they heard. But they did have to write that page when we got home.

I was also told that the agency owner was going to Ethiopia in the beginning of January and may have a referral for us by the end of January. As you know we have requested 2 girls the ages around 2 to 4 and preferably sisters, but relatives or 2 girls from an orphanage that are close to each other is fine. The idea here is "familiarity" with each other. I dream about the girls almost nightly. I think about them all day long and integrate them into my day as if they were here. I think of how things will change and trying to get mentally prepared for this. My husband is my rock. He reassures me when I question things and he is just always there for me. My Rock! These girls will surely bless us, but I have to say that having a Daddy like my husband is such a blessing to them too. I can't wait to see him with girls. He already coos at all of the little girls when we're out and about. He looks at them all the time as they walk in to church with their "Sunday best" on. My man, my rock!


Jason and Laura McBride said...

Congrats! Every step feels HUGE!

I can't wait to see what is in store!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, that is great news! If you get your referral before me I might be just a bit jealous though ;-0
I was told by my agency that they heard there were some referrals coming soon from our orphanage but they didn't know how many and if they were boys or girls. I'm pretty sure Lana is on of them but I don't think I'll hear anything until after New Years. Have a blessed Christmas with your beautiful family. I know how difficult it is not having your precious daughters with you now to enjoy it but next year will be a celebration!